Our story began in 1979 when our founder Jheri Redding, scientist, cosmetologist and inventor of the modern day conditioner, made known his pioneering belief that when hair was treated with protein it became reinvigorated with life.

Today, Nexxus continues to pioneer and innovate, creating salon crafted haircare that eclipses expectations and delivers extraordinary results, using cutting-edge science, inspired by nature’s most powerful ingredients.

Did you know that hair is made of up to 90% proteins? Everyday washing, heating and styling damage the hair fibres, weakening the protein structure resulting in frizz, dullness and dryness.

Nexxus believes in the power of protein science to bring life back to your hair. The PROTEINFUSION™ blend in every Nexxus product is uniquely crafted to restore proteins, for healthy hair that looks great too.

Nexxus recommends an easy three-step haircare regime (1. shampoo 2. condition 3. treat) to help you achieve professional results at home. Find your Nexxus formula today at Boots.

*With shampoo and conditioner use