Meningitis B Vaccination Service

Helping to offer protection against a serious & life-threatening illness.

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Subject to specially-trained pharmacist & stock availability. Eligibility criteria & charges apply.

Worrying about meningitis is normal, especially if you have children. While no vaccine is 100 percent effective, getting vaccinated against the main strains of meningitis is the best way to help prevention. Vaccinations can also help to offer peace of mind – especially in times of ‘outbreaks’.

The Meningitis B Vaccination Service is available in over 300 Boots pharmacies, for adults and children aged two and over.* 

The service at Boots can help to protect you and your family. It's thought the vaccination protects against almost 90 percent of the strains of meningococcal group B bacteria (which is a cause of meningitis) in England.

The NHS offers a MenB vaccination as part of the routine childhood immunisations programme in the UK. Vaccinations are given to babies at the ages of two, four and 12 months. Vaccinating babies helps protect them when they’re most at risk. 

Meningitis B was added to the programme in 2015, for babies born on or after 1 July 2015. Those children and adults who fall outside of the NHS age range can consider having the vaccination privately at Boots.

Who is at risk of catching Meningitis B?

Meningitis can affect anybody. It’s most common in children, teenagers and young adults aged between 15 and 24. That’s because these groups tend to socialise more at school and universities, which leads to the spreading of bacteria. Outbreaks can happen at any time though and to anybody. Around 20 percent of reported MenB cases are in people aged 45 and over.

Who is the Boots service suitable for?

The service is for adults and children aged two and over. One of our in-store pharmacists will check suitability during your consultation. Very few people will not be eligible for the service.

The Boots Meningitis B Vaccination Service does not replace the need for the free NHS Men ACWY vaccination. This is currently offered to teenagers, along with a ‘catch up’ programme for those under 25 – but MenB is not included. Please speak to your GP for more information.


The Boots Meningitis B Vaccination Service costs £110 per vaccination, and the two dose course costs £220. 

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Are there any side effects to the vaccination? 

Side effects are usually mild. The injected area may become sore and red. 

Young children may get a temperature of over 37.5C (fever), so it’s a good idea to check their temperature often with a thermometer. You can consider giving them age-appropriate paracetamol to help lower their temperature. Make sure they’re in comfy clothes and keep them cool.

Headaches and joint pain are most common in older children and adults. These should go away with time, but can be eased with pain relief such as paracetamol. 

Our in-store pharmacist will talk to you about possible side effects before the vaccination.

What happens at the appointment?

You’ll be asked a few questions when you arrive to make sure the service is suitable for you or your child. If it is, two vaccinations will be given. These will be a minimum of four weeks apart.

The injections at Boots are given in the upper arm. It’s helpful for you or your child to wear short sleeves or loose sleeves that can be rolled up. You’ll be asked to stay behind for five minutes after each injection to make sure there are no immediate reactions to the vaccination.

How long will the in-store consultation take? 

The in-store consultation and jab, if suitable, will take about 25 minutes. 

What is meningitis?

Meningitis is a serious infection which causes the lining around the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed. It’s usually caused by bacteria or a virus. 

Bacterial meningitis can lead to brain damage, deafness, blindness, epilepsy, blood poisoning (septicaemia) and even death. 

Meningococcal bacteria are the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the UK, and can lead to meningitis and blood poisoning (septicaemia). There are five main groups. Meningococcal group B (MenB) is the most common, accounting for over 54 percent of reported cases of meningococcal meningitis.

Every case of meningitis is different, but it can develop very quickly, so it’s important to recognise the signs and symptoms.

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How is meningitis caught?

Infections which cause meningitis can spread from person to person through things like:

• Coughing

• Sneezing

• Kissing

• Sharing toothbrushes and cutlery

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​​​​​​​Boots will donate £1 to Meningitis Now for every person we vaccinate (registered Charity number for England and Wales 803016 and Scotland SC037790).

*Subject to specially-trained pharmacist and stock availability. Eligibility criteria and charges apply. Talk to your GP about the vaccination if your child is under 24 months.