Travel insurance

Boots have taken the decision to stop offering branded travel insurance to new customers.

If you are a customer holding a current policy with Boots travel insurance, do not worry, nothing will change and your policy will continue as originally agreed. If you need to make a claim, or have any questions about your cover, visit here and click on the 'Existing Customers' tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an insurance policy that is due to run out?

The Travel Insurance for customers who have a policy that runs past 30 April won’t change and the policy cover will continue as originally agreed until the final day of the policy.

What if I have a continuing policy and need amends after 30 April?

If you need to make a claim, or have any questions about the cover, please contact Client Services on 0333 999 2683 / 020 3926 0254 or manage this electronically through the online Customer Area at

What happens when a policy expires?

A renewal travel insurance quote will not be issued. If you have a policy that is about to expire you will receive a notification via email explaining that Boots no longer sell travel insurance products and will also be advised on alternative travel insurance options.