Looking good & feeling great has never been easier! Save on deodorant, shower & skincare staples with Boots


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It’s the little things that make life feel just that bit more organised and easier. Like remembering to bring your lunch into work everyday, saying you’ll go to the gym and actually going, or having a bathroom full of new toiletries. Even better if they’re really neat and organised!

Avoid that sinking feeling when you’re in the shower and reach for your shampoo, before you realise there’s nothing left to lather. Stay stocked up on your shampoo and conditioner with our huge range. With regular offers on all your favourite brands, you can afford to store enough for a small salon (as long as you have the space!).

The same goes for your soap and shower gel. With Imperial LeatherDove and Baylis & Harding taking up our shelves, you can be sure that you can always feel bright and fresh. If you’re looking for a gift that everyone will love, browse our bath sets for the perfect present.

Sadly, our little island doesn’t stay sunny all year round, so our skin needs a little helping hand to stay golden brown - even when we’re covered by clouds. With fake and gradual tan, you can decide just how sun kissed you want to look that day, without having to rely on the weather forecast.

It’s not just glam beauty products you need to make sure you don’t run out of. It’s important we keep life’s essentials in supply - no one wants to have to make a dash to the shop late at night. Fill your shopping bag with deodorantsdental and period products and soon you’ll have your very own Boots in your house.

Keeping your toiletries in constant supply means having to whip out the debit card more often than not. With the Boots Advantage Card, you will earn points for every £1 you spend so stocking up doesn’t come at too high a cost.