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Hair dye

Hair dye

Say hello to your new look from home. Whatever colour of the rainbow you’ve always wanted to try, you’ll find it in our range of hair colourants. Now you can go blonde, brunette, auburn, black, red, pink, silver or any colour you choose, without a trip to the salon. That’s all thanks to trusty formulas from Bleach London, Nice ‘n’ Easy, Schwarzkopf and more. 

Not ready to commit? That’s the beauty of our temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes, allowing you to experiment until you find your dream look or change up your colour whenever you want. Or why not try a highlighter for a more subtle lifting effect to bring out those beautiful tones you love? 

We’ve got plenty of products to help you maintain your colour too. You can’t go wrong with our root touch-up range or our hair toners to neutralise brassiness. If it’s time to go back to your original colour, then look no further than our hair colour removers