Electrical health & diagnostics

Blood Pressure Monitoring Service  Help early detection of cases of hypertension with the NHS Blood Pressure Monitoring Service at Boots

Electrical Health & Diagnostics

At Boots, your health and wellbeing is incredibly important to us, which is why we take the utmost care in providing you with a wide range of electrical health and diagnostics tools. Whether you’re just looking to keep on top of your general day‐to‐day fitness with an activity tracker from top name brands such as Fitbit, or maybe you have a more specific health concern that you’d like to keep an eye on such as your blood pressure or your blood glucose levels, we’ve got a health gadget to help keep you on top of things.

We pride ourselves on offering you expert advice and equipment here at Boots. If you’re looking to achieve specific fitness goals, such as losing or gaining weight, browse our collection of weighing scales and body fat monitors to stay pinpoint and precise with your progress. If you end up hitting the gym a little hard, we’ve also got a selection of TENS machines to help you target and manage your pain relief in an effective way.

We also have a variety of different types of thermometers in order to monitor your whole family’s health when they’re a little under the weather. From in‐ear thermometers for infants, and floating bath and room temperature thermometers, to your everyday first aid box essentials and noncontact thermometers, you’ll find just what you need.