Say g’day to Aussie! A is for Aussie. Which is short for Australia, the birthplace of our brand and the inspiration behind everything we do. Land of sea, surf, sun and adventure. Also, the driest continent on Earth and home to some of the most diverse, and naturally potent botanicals that miraculously thrive despite the harsh environments. We’ve bottled these beauties together with our unique conditioning blend since 1979. We provide a collection of moisturising miracles for diverse hair types and promise to save the wildest & driest hair (and the Aussie wildlife too). Grab your Aussie now!

Miracle Moist

Hair thirstier than a tourist in the outback? This miraculously-moisture-quenching range will revive and restore dry and damaged hair gasping with thirst. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo has a cruelty-free formula and is infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. Plus, it smells a-mazing! Maca-nificent! Replenishes dry & brittle hair that’s had too much fun (if that’s possible?).


Want to look mega-fab on a daily basis? The Aussie Mighty Mega range is your daily dose of mega get up and go to keep your hair feeling super soft, shiny, and full of bonza bounce. The silicone free, vegan, and cruelty-free formula is infused with Australian Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, and it smells a-mazing (if that ain’t mega, we don’t know what is!) Lightweight and gentle enough for daily use, your hair will thank you every morning!

Deeep Moisture

Dry hair in need of some next-level TLC? The Deeep Moisture range gives even the driest hair a boost of juice and infuses intense moisture into seriously thirsty, dry, thick & curly hair, to really quench those locks. The vegan and cruelty-free formula is enriched with jojoba oil, avocado oil & Australian macadamia nut oil, leaving hair smelling divine. For moisture so deeep (no typo, it really is this deep) it’s practically down under.

Bouncy Curls

Say g’day to curls as bouncy as a kangaroo and waves as soft as a wallaby! Quench your curly hair’s thirst with this curl-loving range designed for dry curly and wavy hair (2B-3B, here we are!). Try the Aussie Bouncy Curls collection for 3 days of soft and moisturised wavy and curly hair, reviving and keeping curls defined and extra hydrated! It’s a Bonza Goodness for dry curly hair. It’s infused with Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil. Wave hello to bouncy and defined curls - Happy Curls Day everyday!

SOS Kiss of Life

Save me now! With Australian superfruits, the Aussie SOS collections for damaged hair are a quick and easy solution for tresses in need of some urgent TLC. Our SOS Kiss of Life collection includes shampoo, conditioner, treatments and rescue shots getting your hair back on its A-game in no time. Like a kiss of life for dull and dry hair.

SOS Save my Lengths

Long and damaged hair ready to breakdown? We’ve all been there. Too much fun had. And it shows. We’re throwing you a lifeline, in the form of the heroic Aussie SOS Collection. The Save my lengths range is infused with a blend of Australian superfoods, used by indigenous Australian for their naturally healing and nourishing properties for thousands of years. Our range will shmooze your long hair back to their sensational, life-loving, all-round gorgeousness in no time. Then you can go out and do it all again.

SOS Blonde

Blonde or silver hair SOS? Don’t panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline, infused with Australian superfoods. Aussie’s Blonde Hydration range provides a much-needed boost of hydration and shine to your blonde or silver, hair, whether it’s short or long, ash, golden or platinum. This range will do wonders for dry and dull hair in need of serious help. Kick brass and boost moisture with our Blonde Hydration range.

SOS Brunette

Brunette hair SOS? Don’t panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline. Give your locks a gulp of the good stuff and it will leave your dark or light brunette hair boosted, hydrated and extra vibrant. Boom, this range is a true saviour for dry and dull brunette hair in need of help. Plus, did we mention it smells delicious and is infused with amazing Australian superfoods? Fight fade and boost moisture with our Brunette Hydration range.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

INTRODUCING AUSSIE KOALITY SHAMPOO BAR. KOALITY HAIR, NO WORRIES. These moisturising solid shampoo and conditioner bars will make your mane as soft as a baby koala. Fur-real! Handmade with 98% natural origin (98% naturally derived ingredients, with the remaining 2% for a good usage experience and product stability. Naturally derived ingredients maintain >50% of their natural origin material). Vegan formula (no animal derived ingredients or by-products). 1 bar = up to 2x shampoo bottles!