We are more than a beauty brand. We are a brand that gives power to women, because we are all worth it. As a brand that has always championed and celebrated women’s empowerment, L’Oréal Paris continues to challenge stereotypes with a modern vision of femininity. We support all women on their journey to fulfilment, in line with their own values and aspirations. Inspiring each woman to believe in her own sense of self-worth, whatever her origin, whatever her age. We want to bolster and celebrate women, her beauty, her achievements, and her potential to achieve even more. We provide products which galvanise her confidence, courage, and conviction to realise her ambitions.

L’Oréal Paris is empowered by science. It’s at the heart of everything we do and have been doing since L’Oréal’s creation over 110 years ago. The superior efficacy of our formulas has been tried and tested. In the L’Oréal Paris laboratories, our passionate teams of scientists – biologists, pharmacists, biochemists, and chemists – work together to perfect our products. Thanks to this extensive network of over 4,000 researchers in 21 research centres around the world, we can deliver science at scale, offering proven results and visible transformations.
As an icon of French beauty all over the world, we embody that famous French “je ne sais quoi”, a vision of beauty; effortlessly chic. A feeling of self-confidence, by empowering women to take control of their lives and face the world. We share a vision of style and continuous innovation with an audacious tone of voice and a cosmopolitan look, deeply rooted in the heritage of Paris.

Elvive helps all women find confidence through beautiful hair with scientifically-advanced, sustainable products that deliver an immediate hair transformation, even from first use. The very first Elvive product was a conditioner formulated with birch sap extract. The launch marked the first time a haircare product aimed to do more than simply clean the hair, but nourish and protect it. Elvive has become the brand’s hero pillar in the category and year after year achieves the No.1 haircare position in the UK.** Thanks to the most advanced research centre near Paris where 500 researchers develop new innovative products and services every day for our customers from all over the world; Elvive consistently leads the haircare market providing exceptional, game changing innovations. Our products are tested on a wide diversity of hair types and age groups to assess the efficacy for each and every woman. Consumers trust in our products, and transparency is key to building and maintaining that confidence, it’s non-negotiable. We provide the information our customers are looking for about the ingredients that go into our products, their efficacy, and their environmental impact.

Elvive haircare ranges include:

Elvive Colour Protect for Coloured or Highlighted Hair, our best shampoo for coloured hair, enriched with red peony and UV filters. It works in affinity with the hair fibre from root to tip to nourish, revive and protect coloured hair. Protects hair against external aggressions and is suitable for all coloured or highlighted hair.

Elvive Dream Lengths is enriched with a cocktail of vegetal keratin, hair vitamins and castor oil in a formula that will nourish long, damaged hair. Suitable for all long and damaged hair.

Dream Lengths Wonder Water is the next generation of hair deep conditioners and treatments as it has a breakthrough ultra-lightweight formula powered by Lamellar Water technology. Moisturising agents and amino acids target dry, damaged areas of hair, forming thin layers called Lamella to smooth hair’s surface and visibility transform lengths in just eight seconds. Hair is silkier, shinier and healthier-looking with an unbelievably weightless feel.

The New Bond Repair haircare regime for stronger hair with maximum shine and damage protection. Hair is made up of millions of bonds that give it structure and strength. When hair bonds break through brushing, bleaching, heating, and styling, hair becomes weak and damaged. For the first time, our formulas powered with citric acid target damaged hair, and are suitable for all types of damaged hair.

Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic Acid range. The formula, infused with hyaluronic acid, weightlessly coats hair to keep it feeling hydrated for up to 72 hours† and helps tackle dehydrated, dry and damaged hair.

*Instrumental test

**Validate: https://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/elviveno1

†Consumer test