Hospital outpatient pharmacies

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Boots Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies

We can work in partnership with hospital Trusts to improve patient care and deliver tailored operational savings

At Boots we're committed to providing exceptional patient care in hospital settings. Since entering the outsourced hospital pharmacy sector in 2007, we've grown significantly and now have a nationwide presence across England, with over 25 Boots hospital pharmacies dedicated to delivering demonstrable and sustainable improvements for patients, visitors and staff. 

The independent Carter Review (2016) investigation into Acute Trust savings recognised that outsourcing outpatient dispensing to community pharmacy providers is “cost-effective and frees up clinical pharmacy staff to focus on clinical pharmacy services”. 
Now is the right time for you to consider how outsourcing outpatient pharmacy provision could help you meet Trust priorities and enhance the patient experience.

Why choose Boots?

  • Long-term partnerships: Outpatient dispensing is the start of a healthcare partnership journey with Boots. We're committed to working with you throughout the contract term to develop the service in line with your priorities and aspirations
  • Reduced waiting times for patients: We’ll work to deliver a significant improvement on your current outpatient medication waiting times, leading to increased patient satisfaction
  • Provision of an onsite outpatient pharmacy with a community look and feel: We’ll offer a fast, efficient and safe dispensing service 
  • Reduction in pharmacy workload for the Trust: This will allow for re-deployment of pharmacy staff to more clinical roles, to support the medicines management and patient safety agendas
  • End to end support: From the initial visit to investigate the possibility of an outsourced hospital pharmacy through to contract award, implementation, service commencement, and operational support throughout the contract term – Boots is with you on every part of the healthcare partnership journey

How can Boots help you?

Key features of the Boots hospital pharmacy solution include:

  • Specified points of contact for day to day (Pharmacy Manager), local contract (Area Manager) and account management (Central Support) 
  • Reviewing of patient feedback to gain insights to encourage teams and help provide further improvements in customer and patient care where needed
  • Support (where required) from pharmacists in neighbouring stores who are kept up to date with current Trust practice
  • A leading retail offer and welcoming familiar environment 
  • Procurement and inventory management, with full audit trails and appropriate stock segregation
  • Formulary and protocol management, including specials and appropriate brand-generic switching
  • Patient counselling and advice
  • Provision of compliance support to meet patients’ needs
  • Provision of data and standard management information reports
  • A same day ‘drop off’ and call back FP10 dispensing service via a local Boots store for NHS staff

Begin your outsourced hospital pharmacy journey

To find out more about how Boots can provide a tailored solution for your Trust, contact our team at and we'll put you in touch with a healthcare expert in your region.  We look forward to working with you to deliver demonstrable and sustainable improvements for patients, visitors and staff.