NHS Discharge Medicines Review Service

If you've just left hospital or another care setting, the free NHS Discharge Medicines Review Service can help manage your medicines. Only available in Wales

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Get the best out of your medicines

If there's been a change in your prescribed medicines after a stay in a care setting, we can check you're taking the right medicines at the right time to help control your condition as best you can. By having a chat with one of our pharmacists, we'll help make sure the medicine you're prescribed by your doctor is the same as what was given to you in hospital or care setting.

Who can have an NHS Discharge Medicines Review?

The service is for anyone living in Wales who has been discharged from hospital or another care setting in the last four weeks. If you don't qualify for the service, you can still ask our pharmacists for advice on taking medicines.  

How it works


Join the service in store

Bring your prescription from your GP and hospital discharge letter


Have a first consultation

We'll check any changes to your medicines match your prescription and we'll help you understand them


Follow-up consultation

We'll check all is going well and answer any questions

Benefits of the service

  • Convenient: No need to book an appointment
  • Accessible: Available at over 95 pharmacies in Wales

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