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*Contact Lens Rewards Plan

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Unmatched rewards

10% off Boots and Boots owned brands every time you shop at Boots. Earn Advantage Card points on your plan payments. Claim based on comparison of plan benefits against those offered by other high street Opticians in the UK in June 2022. See comparison table.

What is the yearly saving based on?

Based on average contact lens reward scheme customer saving for transactions between 03/07/2022 to 03/07/2023. Saving amount is based on discount achieved in relation to eye tests (non-NHS customers), contact lens checks, glasses purchases, Boots Advantage Card points awarded on monthly reward scheme subscription charges and purchases of Boots brand products as part of the scheme.

What is Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan?

Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan is a Direct Debit scheme, which provides a convenient way to spread the cost of wearing contact lenses. Additionally, and depending on your contact lens type, solutions can be included in your plan. Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan is not a credit agreement, it's a payment plan which allows you to pay in advance for each order. You will be required to pay the first three months' payments upfront when you join Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan. Your bank account will then be debited each month following sign up. Your contact lenses will be ordered automatically every three months, and you'll make three payments for each order.

How long will my agreement last?

Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan does not have a minimum agreement term and can be cancelled at any time, all we ask is that you give us 28 days' notice of your wish to cancel and we'll cancel your plan and refund any advance payments directly into your bank account. We reserve the right to change the terms of your Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan agreement giving you three months' notice.

How much will I pay?

All payments you make (including your initial payment and subsequent monthly Direct Debits) are made up of (i) a charge for professional dispensing services including check-ups and (ii) a charge for goods, inclusive of postage and packaging. Of your total payment 50% is for dispensing services and 50% is for goods.

All prices are subject to review, and any changes to your Direct Debit will be detailed, via a letter, with at least five weeks' notice.

What happens if a mistake is made with my payment?

If Boots Opticians or your bank or building society makes a mistake with your monthly Direct Debit payment, an immediate refund can be requested under the terms of the Direct Debit Guarantee by contacting your bank or building society directly. Please also contact the Boots Opticians Contact Lens Reward Scheme on 0345 603 2020 (calls are charged at local rate) or email

What happens if I miss a payment?

If, for any reason, your bank or building society rejects our request for your monthly Direct Debit payment, then we will attempt to collect the payment on your next scheduled payment date. Please be aware we are unable to send your contact lenses until you have paid the full balance of your delivery and any missed payments could lead to your delivery schedule being altered. We will contact you to arrange payment of any outstanding monies and can realign your delivery schedule if required. If we cannot collect your payments for three consecutive months then your scheme membership will be automatically cancelled.

How can I change the Boots Opticians I go to?

If you move house just pop into your new local Boots Opticians practice and let them know you have moved to the area. Your Boots Opticians practice will arrange to transfer your Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan and patient records. In the majority of cases there will be no requirement for you to sign a new Direct Debit Instruction.

What happens if I have a change to my contact lenses?

If you need a new lens type or your prescription changes during the term of your Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan membership we can arrange for your new lenses to be transferred to your account. You will see a payment adjustment on your next payment date following your lens type change.

What happens about solutions on my plan?

If you need contact lens solution for your lens type, your optician can include these in your monthly payments. If you have selected store pick up for your lenses, every three months a solution pack will be available for you to collect in store. If you have selected home delivery both your lenses and solutions will be delivered to your home address.

How do I tell you about a change to my personal details?

Please notify your local Boots Opticians practice (the practice where you attend your contact lens appointments), email or you can write to: Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan, Administration Office, 38 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3DX, quoting your membership number. If you wish to change your bank or building society details or Direct Debit payment date, please contact your local Boots Opticians practice or you can email

Can I collect Boots Advantage Card points?

You'll collect one point for every £1 you spend on lenses and solutions on your Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan. We can add points on to your Advantage Card when you visit the practice to collect your lenses, or come in for your contact lens appointment or eye test. If you have opted for home delivery on your plan, your Advantage Card points will automatically be uploaded on to your Advantage Card, five days after the delivery of your lenses. We will not exchange Advantage Card points for cash. Advantage Card points cannot be spent in Boots Opticians, 'third party sites' including Boots Hearingcare,, prescription items, infants milks (up to 6 months), gift vouchers/cards, postage stamps, mobile phone top-up cards and Boots insurance. Full Boots Advantage Card terms and conditions apply. 

Boots Opticians Contact Lens Reward Scheme offers

Being a member of the Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan also gives you access to other great offers. These do not form part of your agreement and we reserve the right to alter or withdraw linked benefits without notice.

Contact lens checks

We want to make sure your eyes are healthy and that your lenses are as comfortable as they can be, so we will need you to attend an inclusive contact lens check at least once every 24 months; your optician will advise if we need to see you more frequently. Please be aware that if your contact lens check becomes overdue, your lenses will be directed to your base practice and will not be available to you until you have attended your contact lens check. These checks are important as your eyes and eye heath can change over time. We'll let you know when your next appointment is due.

Inclusive eye test and contact lens checks

As a Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan customer you are entitled to unlimited eye tests and contact lens checks within your monthly Direct Debit. These appointments are subject to availability (if you are eligible for an NHS eye test you can choose to claim via the NHS or the Contact Lens Rewards Plan. Our colleagues in store can explain any impact if you are eligible for an NHS voucher). There is no cash alternative or refund for NHS eye tests.

Save 50% on a pair of complete glasses and sunglasses (including frames, lenses and dispensing) and on non-prescription sunglasses at Boots Opticians

All of our prices for glasses include the dispensing fee and a fee for the frame and Boots standard single vision lenses. NHS vouchers may be used as a cash contribution towards the final cost of your glasses. Prices shown in Boots Opticians practices include the frame and Boots standard single vision lenses. This offer includes Boots brand and designer frames fitted with prescription lenses. These offers exclude frame only purchases and re-glazes and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or staff discount.

Spare contact lenses for emergency use

We know that accidents sometimes happen, so we'll be happy to offer you occasional replacement lenses on request, depending on your plan type. Monthly/twice monthly lenses - a maximum of three lenses per year, daily disposable lenses - a maximum of 10 pairs per year. Quarterly/annual/made to order lenses - one lens per year at 50% off, based on the usual cash sale price. Should you need any emergency replacement contact lenses, please contact your local practice who will be more than happy to help. A valid specification is required.

10% discount on Boots brand products in Boots UK stores

To receive 10% off Boots branded products, you will need to be a member of the Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan and hold a permanent Advantage Card (you can apply online at

The 10% discount will be activated automatically when you register your Advantage Card to your scheme in a Boots Opticians store. You must present your permanent Advantage Card each time you shop to receive the 10% discount. The discount will not be awarded retrospectively. 10% offer excludes Boots branded products from Boots Opticians, purchases from ‘third party sites’ including Boots Hearingcare,, Boots prescription items, infant milks (up to 6 months), gift vouchers/cards, insurance, travel money, and travel services. This offer is open to UK residents. Not available on Full Advantage Card terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to cancel or vary this offer at any time. Available in all Boots stores. No cash alternative available. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. A valid specification is required.

Plan holiday

If you find you are not wearing all of your lenses before your next delivery arrives, please contact us on 0345 603 2020 to discuss taking a plan holiday as we can stop your payments and lenses up to a maximum of six months in a 12 month period. Calls are charged at local rate.

Free contact lens trial

Please ask your optician when you attend for your contact lens check about new lenses on the market. We are happy to offer you a free trial of any alternative lenses.

Home delivery of contact lenses and solutions

Too busy to come in and collect your lenses? You can now choose home delivery for most lens types (excludes annual or other made to order contact lenses). We will deliver your lenses and solutions (if applicable) every three months. There is no extra charge for this service, and you do not need to sign for your deliveries. We can deliver to any UK address. If you do not receive your contact lens or solutions, please report this as missing as soon as possible on 0345 603 2020, calls are charged at local rate. It's important that we look after the health of your eyes so if you miss your regular contact lens check-up appointments your lenses will be automatically sent to your local Boots Opticians practice who will contact you to arrange your appointment and to collect your lenses. We can only hold your lenses for a limited period of time, so please arrange your contact lens check-up appointment as soon as possible. You can also decide to collect your contact lenses and solutions (if applicable) from your Boots Opticians practice, who will let you know when your lenses arrive.

All customer benefits will only apply to Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan customers. Cancellation of your scheme or failure to keep your payments up to date will result in your benefits being cancelled. The benefits of Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan are subject to change at any time without notice.

**Contact lens free trial: A trial consists of up to 5 pairs of daily disposable lenses or a month’s supply of selected daily reusable lenses. This trial excludes quarterly replacement, annual replacement and coloured contact lenses. You will need to have a valid glasses prescription. If you do not have a prescription, a sight test is required and is chargeable at the current price, please ask a member of staff for details. Excludes current Boots Contact Lens Reward Plan customers.

Benefits of wearing contact lenses

One of the biggest benefits of wearing contact lenses is the freedom and flexibility they offer. They can be worn occasionally for special events, holidays or playing sports, or for those of you who don't like wearing glasses they are a fabulous alternative to spectacles. At Boots Opticians we've got a great range of contact lenses to suit everyone's needs including daily disposables, monthlies, multifocals, and even contact lenses with added UV protection. Plus did you know that contact lenses are suitable for most glasses wearers making them more accessible than you might think.

Free contact lens assessment and trial - To see if contact lenses might be the right choice for you book a free assessment and trial with a qualified Boots Optician who can quickly check your suitability and talk you through the options depending on your needs.

Boots Contact Lens Rewards Plan - Our reward scheme for contact lenses offers a great deal for regular lenses wearers. The scheme offers 10% off Boots branded products, half price glasses and inclusive eye tests and lenses check ups - this is one offer you won't want to miss!

Contact Lenses through your letterbox - Contact lenses are a popular choice and now even more popular with our huge range of lenses now available to buy online. This means we're always open and you can never run out again. (hallelujah!) Buy Contact Lenses online today.