Boots online prescriptions support & FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions for more information on the service. If you have any further questions, visit your local pharmacy or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering repeat NHS prescriptions online from Boots

The service is suitable for people who already have a repeat NHS prescription from their GP.* This is usually for long-term or chronic conditions like diabetes, eczema or asthma. You can use the service to order medicines and other repeat prescription items for yourself, or on behalf of someone else with their consent. To place an order, you must be aged 16 or over.**

We're currently only able to offer the delivery service to patients registered with a GP in England but you can still use this service and collect in store if in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Delivery isn't available if your surgery doesn't support electronic ordering of prescriptions. 

*Participating surgeries only

**Prescriptions containing controlled drugs or items which need to be refrigerated can’t be delivered to a home address and must be collected in store instead. For more information on controlled drugs visit

If you've chosen to collect your prescription from a pharmacy, but decide not to collect it because you no longer need it, you’ll need to contact the pharmacy to let them know and they’ll cancel the order for you. 

If you've asked the medicine to be delivered to your home, and you haven't yet received a dispatch notice, contact 0345 121 9040 and they’ll cancel the order for you and if you've paid for your prescription you'll receive a refund. If you've received your dispatch notice, unfortunately we won’t be able to cancel your order or offer a refund.

No, if you've signed up with your GP for online services, your prescription request will be sent direct to your GP when you complete your order. Your GP will then send us your prescription.

If you haven't signed up with your GP for online services, we'll contact your GP to get your prescription.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to order your prescription and only order what you need.

Please allow up to seven working days for your order to be ready. This is to ensure we have enough time to send the request to your GP and receive it back, dispense it and post this out to you. We’ll email you when your medicine has been despatched. If you’re collecting your medicine from store, we’ll text you when it’s ready to collect, if you choose to give us your mobile phone number.

When your order is ready to collect from store we’ll notify you by email or text (if signed up to our text message service) , if you choose to give us your mobile phone number. Collect your order from our pharmacy counter. 

If you live in England and pay for your NHS prescription, you’ll pay the standard cost of each prescription item in England, currently £9.65. 

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and collect your medicine from a Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish store, you won’t have to pay for your prescription. The deliver to home service is only available for patients registered with a GP in England. 

Delivery of NHS prescriptions is free.

If you choose letterbox delivery, your package will be posted through your letterbox. If for any reason your package won’t fit through your letterbox or if you choose signed for delivery and you’re not in when the delivery is made, a card will be put through your door with details of where to collect your package from. Remember if a signature is required it will need to be signed by someone aged 18 or over.

We’ll do our best to try and get your medicines for you early. 

If you normally get your medicine delivered to your home, please call 0345 121 9040. If you normally pick up your prescriptions from a Boots pharmacy, please either pop in to let them know, or call them using the contact details on our store locator.

If you've signed up with your GP for online services, when you next select to request medication, the most up to date repeat medication information from your GP record will be shown. If you can't see the item you're looking for, this could mean that you're due for a review and you'll need to contact your GP surgery.

If you haven't signed up with your GP for online services, don’t worry, your GP will tell us when you need to go in for a review and we’ll let you know.

Unfortunately there are some circumstances when we need to cancel your order and send you an email. This could be for one of the following reasons:

• Your doctor hasn’t approved your request
• You’re not registered with the doctor’s surgery you've selected
• The item you've requested isn’t in stock
• Your doctor needs to speak to you or see you to review your medicine needs

For each of these situations, please contact your GP to ask them for clarification. 

We may also cancel your order and inform you by email if you requested delivery of a controlled drug or refrigerated item. Unfortunately these can only be collected from store. You'll need to log back in, reorder your items and select a convenient store for collection.

If you've signed up with your GP for online services, when you next select to request medication, the most up to date repeat medication information from your GP record will be shown.

If you haven't signed up with your GP for online services, you can log into your account online and change the details under the Repeat Medication Profile section.

You’ll receive an email reminder approximately 10 days before you’re due to run out of your medication. This is so that we have long enough to get the prescription from your GP and dispense it for you.

As this is a new application, all customers will need to register the first time they use it.

If you're currently registered on or have previously used the replaced Boots free online NHS repeat prescription service, we still require you to re-register on the new application. 

We encourage you to use the same email address when you sign up as we'll merge the accounts at a later date to provide a more seamless experience.

We're currently updating our branding to make it easier for Boots to meet your health, wellness and beauty needs. 

The Boots free online NHS repeat prescription service has launched in our new brand style but is still a Boots service.

The Boots free online NHS repeat prescription service replaces our previous online prescription service and therefore you won't be able to see orders made on the previous service. 

Once you start ordering on our new service, you'll be able to see a log of items ordered on there.

Yes you can order controlled drugs and medication that needs to be stored in a fridge. Currently, this service is only available when collecting from a pharmacy. 

If the 'collect from a Boots Pharmacy' option is selected for your NHS repeat prescription order, the nominated Boots pharmacy will be the pharmacy processing your prescription. The phone number of this pharmacy can be located in the order confirmation email.

If you placed an order for NHS repeat prescriptions and selected the option for home delivery, your order will be processed by:

Boots Online Prescription Service - 30-36 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 1DD

GPhC: 1034053

You can check the registration of all Boots online pharmacies on the website of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) here.

If you'd like to check who the responsible pharmacist was at the time your medication was dispensed or speak to a pharmacist from the Boots Online Prescription Service team, please call 0345 121 9040.

Opening hours are -

Mon-Sun 9.00AM-5.30PM

The Pharmacy Superintendent (Claire Nevinson) for Boots UK Limited is responsible for the pharmacy service provided through

Registering with an NHS number (England & Wales)

If you are registered with a GP in England or Wales, you should have an NHS number. Your NHS number is unique to you, and helps healthcare professionals or NHS service providers, such as Boots, to identify you correctly on the NHS system and match your details to your GP records. This ensures that we are requesting a prescription for the correct patient, sending the request to the correct GP surgery, and reconciling the order request against the prescription received accurately in our pharmacy systems.

You can find your NHS number on any letter or document sent to you by the NHS, such as an appointment or referral letter, test result, prescription, or on the repeat prescription slip given to you by your GP or pharmacy. You can also contact your GP surgery and ask them for your NHS number. If you have the NHS app, you can log in or register to view your NHS number on the app. You can also use the ‘Find your NHS number’ service on the NHS website by visiting - you’ll be asked to provide your name, date of birth and postcode, and will receive a text, email or letter containing your NHS number.

You should have an NHS number if you are registered with a GP in England or Wales. You will need to be registered with a GP to order and receive NHS repeat prescriptions. An NHS number is assigned to you soon after birth, or the first time you receive care or treatment through the NHS. If you do not have an NHS number and have never received NHS care or treatment, you can register with a GP surgery, and they will assign you an NHS number and send you a registration letter with this number on it.

If you are registered with a GP in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you do not need to provide Boots with an NHS number, Community Health Index number (CHI, Scotland) or Health and Care Number (HCN, Northern Ireland). You should still enter your information as it appears on your GP record, to ensure that your GP and Boots can identify you accurately.

If you are receiving an error message when you type in your NHS number and date of birth, this could mean that you are entering incorrect details. You should try entering them again, and if the error message persists, you should confirm these details with your GP before trying again the following day. If you are confident that you have entered the correct details but are still receiving an error message, there may be technical issues with the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS), in which case you should try again later.

You should ensure you are entering your details as they appear on your NHS record. If your NHS number cannot be found through this service, you should contact your GP surgery to get it. 

You may see a message letting you know that your details have been updated. This is to ensure we are using the most up-to-date information from your NHS record, so you can be correctly identified by your GP and by Boots. These details can be edited if required.

NHS Login FAQs

NHS login allows you to securely access a wide range of digital health and care websites/apps using one username and password - just look for the 'NHS login' button.

You can  use NHS login to sign in to the Boots pharmacy platform to manage NHS repeat prescriptions for yourself and someone you care for. 

For additional information on 'NHS login' please see

Click on the 'Log in with NHS login' button and you'll be redirected to the NHS application where you'll need to follow their registration process.

Yes. You can continue to sign in to manage your repeat prescriptions using your existing Boots account details.  

NHS login is simply an additional way to log in to the Boots repeat prescription service and connect you to your GP record.

NHS login allows you to use GP online services through Boots, this includes requesting NHS repeat prescriptions, managing appointments at your GP surgery and viewing your GP record.  

Additional benefits include:

• You can register for NHS login credentials online, you don't need to visit your GP surgery
• You don't need to get new credentials if you change your GP surgery
• You can access all your healthcare needs from different providers using your NHS login credentials  

1.  Select 'Log in with NHS login'
2.  Enter your email address 
3.  Select continue
4. Select  'Forgotten your password?'

You'll then receive an email containing a link that enables you to change your NHS login password.

Yes. Simply click on the 'Log in with NHS login' button and you'll be re-directed to the NHS application where you can enter your username and password. Following successful authentication, you'll be redirected back to the Boots repeat prescription service so that you can continue to place your order.

No. You can use your existing Boots username and password. Alternatively you can register for a Boots account if you don't already have one. 

Anyone over the age of 13  who's registered with a GP surgery in England can register for NHS login.  

However, using your NHS login with Boots is dependent on your GP offering an online repeat prescription service using either TPP (SystmOne), EMIS or Vision systems within their surgery and you must be 16 years of age or over.

If you already have a Boots account and choose to login using NHS login, you'll be asked to confirm that your first name, last name, date of birth and GP surgery information is identical in both accounts before you proceed.

If you're Boots and NHS login account details match,  simply select ‘Verify account’ to continue placing your order.

If you are using the same email address for both your NHS login and your Boots account, if there are any discrepancies between first name, last name, date of birth and GP surgery received from the NHS and the data in your Boots account, you'll be informed that if you continue the data in your Boots account will be overwritten.

For further information, please see our full list of pharmacy FAQs.

For information on our GP Online Services, please see our list of GP Online Services FAQs.