From Charlie Red to Tom Ford, these are the fragrances that helped shape important moments in the supermodel’s life

Here at Boots, we’re always partial to a new perfume –  it’s one of our ultimate beauty pick-me-ups. Whether it’s spritzes of heady florals or plumes of woody amber, we’re fascinated by the fragrances that make people tick and why. 

With this in mind, we speak to model, author and all-round mega-babe Felicity Hayward (@felicityhayward) on the scents that have helped shape her. From the everyday aroma that instantly helps her feel safe and at peace to the high-end perfume that helped her embody confidence before a big job booking, this is Felicity Hayward’s life in fragrance.

Scent is so important to me –  it can change my mood instantly

“Ever since I can remember, I was aware of the power of scent. One sniff has the ability to create memories and evoke nostalgia in me. I could be anywhere, get a whiff of a certain scent and be transported somewhere else entirely. I do find it fascinating. Fragrance really can change your mood and emotions so quickly. It’s a powerful tool.”

You don’t wear the bottle, you wear the scent

“When choosing a new fragrance, it can be easy to lean towards certain shapes or styles of bottles. But my top tip is to ignore this entirely. Some of my favourite fragrances come in bottles I wouldn’t look twice at. Remember, you don’t wear the bottle, you wear the scent. 

“Saying this, if the perfume is in a beautiful bottle then it’s a bonus and I love to display it in my house. I tend to veer more towards rustic tones, such as greens or browns. Bright colours aren’t my fave.”

My friends and I all smelled the same

“Like so many others, my first foray into scent was Charlie Red Body Fragrance. The whole range was super affordable and so sweet with notes of rose petals and spices. I also remember almost everyone had it, so my friends and I all smelled the same. Honestly? I don’t even think I ever really liked it, but there was no denying it was the popular thing to have at the time. Nothing says 90s nostalgia quite like a spritz of Charlie.”

The warm, fresh smell of my grandparents’ laundry reminds me of safety, peace and love

“When I think of a scent that has provided me with comfort, it’s not a perfume, but my grandparents’ laundry detergent mixed with their fabric softener. The warm, fresh smell reminds me of safety, peace and love. It takes me back to a place where I grew up, and somewhere I’ll never forget. My grandad passed away relatively recently, making the scent of laundry at my nan’s an even more poignant memory.”

If I’m heading out on a date, then there’s one scent I’ll always reach for

“My outfit never feels complete without a generous spritz of perfume. If I’m heading out on a date, then there’s one in particular that always completes my look and that’s Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum Spray

“I remember the first time I smelt it on legendary model, singer and performer Amanda Lepore when working in New York – I knew from that moment I wanted it! It’s so opulent and seductive, brimming with notes of black truffle, lotus wood and dark chocolate. And the best part is it smells different on everyone – it’s like the same family, with a twist that’s unique to you.”

Perfume can make you feel like a total boss

“Perfume has the power to make you feel like a total boss. I have vivid memories of spraying on Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc as I travelled to one of the biggest jobs I’d ever booked. It was a way to remind myself that I could do it with confidence. 

“Just a spritz leaves behind a gorgeous trail of bergamot, pistachio and bitter orange – the kind of fruity citrus notes that make me feel invigorated and ready to take on the day. It’s summer bottled and will make you feel so powerful.”

My all-time favourite scent reminds me of my nan’s summer garden

“When I think of my all-time favourite scent, I think of Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum. It’s a fragrance that my nan and I both love, and my nan is my biggest inspiration when it comes to confidence, style and even my personality. 

“This rich, deep, floral number is bursting with jasmine and tuberose, and reminds me of the summer garden where we would spend so much time together. I also love the fact that my nan stands the high heel-shaped bottle on her mantlepiece so that carers she likes the most can have a little spritz when they come over. Just thinking about it makes me smile!” 

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