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Recycle at Boots

Get rewards when you make recycling a part of your regime

Feel good about yourself, do good for the planet and get treats along the way. Everyone’s a winner with our recycling scheme.

What is the Recycle at Boots scheme?

Together with No7, we’re doing our bit to help keep our planet beautiful. That’s why we’re trialling a recycling scheme where you can bring your empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products, from any brand, that can’t be recycled at home.


Why is Boots doing a recycling scheme?

We know lots of beauty, health, wellness and dental items can’t be recycled traditionally due to their size, what materials they’re made from and various other factors.

We want to play our part in looking after the planet by making it easier to recycle items that might be difficult to recycle elsewhere. And we want to reward you for playing your part and making recycling part of your regime too.

What's unique about the scheme?

We’re using Scan 2 Recycle technology, developed by our partners Metrisk and ReWorked, to create a unique solution that helps the environment and rewards customers at the same time. Win, win!

When you visit one of our participating stores and bring five empty products to one of the in-store recycle bins, we’ll give you 500 Boots Advantage Card points – that’s worth £5! We’ll also track how many empties you bring back so you can see the positive impact you’re making to the planet.

What can I bring back?

We’d love you to bring back beauty, wellness, healthcare or dental products that you can’t recycle through your household waste.

It doesn’t matter what brand they are or where you bought them, we’ll make sure they find a new lease of life. Take a look at our T&Cs for a list of things we can and can’t currently recycle.


What happens to my empty products?

Once you’ve dropped your empties into the bins in store, they’ll be taken to ReWorked where the materials will be washed and sorted, ready for recycling into new usable products as far as possible.

Any remaining multi-material items will be recycled into Stormboard, a composite construction board material, similar to ply-wood, which has a lot of different uses.

Organics will be processed through an industrial organics processor. Nothing goes to landfill and nothing is incinerated.

After you’ve used the scheme, you’ll be able to log into your account to see how much you’ve deposited and how many empties have been recycled collectively. How good does that feel?

How can I take part?

It's really easy to take part, simply register here and follow the steps below to get recycling and collect your rewards. Click here for your nearest participating store.

Not in your local store?

You’ll find Maybelline Makeup recycling points in 287 more stores, so you can still help keep the planet beautiful by dropping off your old hard-to-recycle products. Unfortunately you won’t get the rewards when you use these recycling stations, but you’ll still get to feel good about looking after our planet. Find your nearest Maybelline Makeup recycling point store.

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