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Flu Vaccination Service

Booking your flu jab at Boots: You can get your flu (influenza) vaccination at a local Boots store. The best way to help protect yourself and others from catching and spreading flu is to have the flu jab every year. This service is seasonal. Eligibility criteria apply. Charges may apply. We also have some useful information to understand the symptoms and how they compare to the common cold and COVID-19.


Pneumonia is an infection that can cause serious illness. Here at Boots we offer a vaccination that protects against 13 of the most common strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. Over 65s and people with certain medical conditions are entitled to a free NHS pneumonia vaccination at the GP, our service is not a replacement for this. Charges and eligibility criteria apply.

Want to help protect your child from Chickenpox?

We have a Chickenpox vaccination service just for that. For adults and children 1-65 years. Charges and eligibility criteria apply. There are a range of typical chickenpox symptoms that you can look out for if you think someone has chickenpox. Looking for chickenpox treatments? We have a range of products to help ease symptoms

Covered for your travels?

Planning to travel abroad, have you checked what vaccines you might need for travel? Our travel health service offers vaccinations including Cholera, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Meningitis ACWY and services for Malaria prevention. Charges and eligibility criteria apply. Get all your travel essentials in one place at Boots with our wide range of summer products, or if you want to do some more research check out our travel health advice.

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