Prescription text message service

What is the Boots Prescription Text Message Service?

The Boots Prescription Text Message Service* is a great way for us to let you know when your prescription is ready. Sign up for our free service when you’re next in store, order your prescription as usual and we’ll send you a text when it's ready to collect. 

How it works

Our text message service is both simple and convenient. Why wait around for your prescription to be ready when you can have the information sent directly to your phone. Simply sign up in store and you'll be able to come and collect your prescription as soon as you get your confirmation text that it's ready.

Step 1: Pop into your local Boots pharmacy

Tell the team you'd like to use our Text Message Service. 

Step 2: Provide us with your mobile number

If someone else collects your prescription, we can text them instead. You'll need to give your permission first.

Step 3: Receive your welcome text

You're all set. We'll text you to let you know each time we have a prescription that is ready for you to collect.

*Please don’t reply to these text messages as they are automated & we won’t get your reply.