Meet the new season scents putting a spring in our step

The sun is out, leaves are growing on the trees and flowers are blooming. Spring is finally here. At this time of year, the change in season means nature goes through an effortless switch-up. So, after a long, cold winter, it seems only right that we do the same with our fragrances. Spring perfume scents are generally fresh, floral and light – the perfect way to be.

Whether you had a signature scent for winter or not, changing your fragrance for spring is an easy way to give yourself a refresh as you step into the new season. It’s a bit like a spring clean for your senses if you will. It’s time to say goodbye to those woody, spicy notes that carried you through the chilly days and dark nights by welcoming in some floral bloom fragrances for the longer, warmer evenings. If you prefer something with a bit more of an edge, there are plenty of fruity citrus notes that cut through the lighter aquatic blends and are perfect for day-to-day wear.

Designed to put a spring in your step, here are the new season fragrances that we’re wearing as we come out of our cocoons and start spending more time outside again. Why not try layering a couple to make your scent even more unique? Whether you’re prepping for picnics in the park, dinner outside at dusk or a sunkissed walk along the seafront, there’s a scent for every activity.

If you feel like there’s still a lot to choose from, hone your search and find a scent just for you by having a look at the Boots fragrance finder.

Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum

• Size: 35ml

• Fragrance family: floral

Scent should be personal, and this unique combination of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, vetiver and patchouli is all about embracing your singularity. Think spring floral and bold femininity, with the darker notes making it the perfect transitional fragrance. We’ll be wearing it for the dinner dates that go on all evening.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum

• Size: 30ml

• Fragrance family: floral

This floral fragrance is described as a ‘joy-fuelled fantasy’ by the brand, which is exactly how we’d like to spend every spring. You just have to look at the beautiful pink bottle, adorned with a signature Gucci floral print, and you’ll feel joyful. Fortunately, it smells as beautiful as it looks, with notes of white gardenia blended with jasmine, pear blossom and a touch of brown sugar. Embodying positive energy, this is the perfect perfume to carry you into spring.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau & Cèdre Eau de Toilette Intense

• Size: 100ml

• Fragrance family: woody aquatic

A simple, fresh fragrance that’s perfect for the man or men in your life. Notes of cardamom and cedarwood give it a subtle depth that will take them seamlessly from long afternoons through to dusk and then on into the night.

Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette

• Size: 50ml

• Fragrance family: fruity, woody

This Ghost fragrance is playful, fresh and as sweet as the name suggests. If you’re wanting to lean into your femininity this spring, then notes of rose, lily of the valley and vanilla will help you do just that. The perfect, flirty scent for whoever may be lucky enough to cross your path.

Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc Eau de Toilette

• Size: 100ml

• Fragrance family: citrus floral amber

You only have to look at this fragrance and you’re transported to the Amalfi coast. The frosted yellow bottle evokes images of lemon yellow trees against blue skies and rugged cliffs, so it’s the perfect scent to help you look forward to the summer months. With bergamot, orange, pistachio and Tom Ford’s signature ylang-ylang, the crisp warmth of this scent makes it an ideal unisex scent to linger on pulse points all day.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Eau de Toilette

• Size: 30ml

• Fragrance family: floral gourmand

Even if you have never worn a Marc Jacobs Daisy scent, you probably recognise the name or the iconic flower that sits on top of every bottle. This family of fragrances have built up a solid reputation over the years and this branch of the scent is no different. The notes of raspberry, daisy tree petals and sugar musk create a soft, floral airiness with the familiar comfort of Marc Jacobs Daisy coming through in the background.

Hermès Eau De Citron Noir Eau de Cologne

• Size: 100ml

• Fragrance family: citrus woody

This cologne brilliantly balances deeper undertones with the sharpness of citrus. But rather than the classic lemon, this scent uses black lime for a smoky, distinguished note, making this fragrance stand out. While the soft blue depth of the bottle pulls you in – you’ll be picturing yourself by the ocean on a moonlit beach before you know it.

Estée Lauder Mini Wonders Perfume Gift Set

• Size: 8 x 2ml

• Fragrance family: various

If you’re not ready to dive into the crisp waters of a new spring fragrance, this gift set is a brilliant way for you to sample a few. Whether you’re after something fruity, leathery or floral, there’s a scent to satisfy your senses. The huge range of notes across the different perfumes also makes it a perfect present. Having a spring wedding? Then split the set up as part of your bridesmaids gifts. But be warned, these perfumes are so good, you’ll want to keep them all to yourself.