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Who is this service for?

The Corporate Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio (DTP) Vaccination Service offers protection for employees over 16 years who may be exposed to diphtheria, tetanus and polio in their work or studies. Diphtheria and polio are extremely rare in the UK however there may be a risk of exposure to tetanus in some occupations. This includes anyone working in healthcare, a laboratory, waste disposal, police, fire or rescue services, as well as prison and immigration centres.

The benefits of using our service

• Buy e-vouchers via our simple online ordering system

• Flexible payment either by company credit card or invoice*

• No need for a vaccination clinic at work that disrupts the working day

• Employees can book appointments online

• Employees can choose to have the vaccination at one of over 150 Boots stores** nationwide

• Ideal for mobile and field-based employees or those working at multiple sites

What is diphtheria?

Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection that can affect the nose, throat, and sometimes the skin. It’s highly contagious and is spread through coughs and sneezes, or by being in close contact with someone who's infected. The best way to protect against diphtheria is to be vaccinated against it. Diphtheria is rare in the UK but there's a small risk of catching it while travelling in some parts of the world. If employees are travelling abroad to risk areas, they should make sure they’re protected against diseases prevalent in that country.

What is tetanus?

Tetanus is a serious but rare disease caused by bacteria entering the body through a wound. Found in soil and animal manure, tetanus bacteria can release a toxin that affects the nervous system.

What is polio?

Polio is a serious viral infection caused by the poliovirus which spreads from person to person through droplets in the air or by coming into contact with the poo (faeces) of someone who’s infected. The virus can infect the spinal cord, causing paralysis. There's no cure for polio, so it's important to make sure that you’re fully vaccinated against it.



Buy your e-vouchers online

Sign up or log into our online system. Choose the number of e-vouchers you want and pay online*


We send out the e-vouchers to your employees

Using the information you’ve provided, we send your employees their e-vouchers by email or text


Employees receive their vaccinations

After booking an appointment online or in store at a Boots pharmacy** (using their e-voucher), they’ll receive their vaccination at no cost to them

Prices start from just £27 per dose

• If you’re buying for 1 to 19 people, e-vouchers are £32 each

• If you’re buying for 20 to 49 people, e-vouchers are £31 each

• If you’re buying for 50 to 99 people, e-vouchers are £30 each

• If you’re buying for 100 to 149 people, e-vouchers are £29 each

• If you’re buying for 150 to 199 people, e-vouchers are £28 each

• If you’re buying for 200+ people, e-vouchers are £27 each

Voucher price is determined by the number of vouchers purchased within a 12-month rolling period. Prices are based on a single vaccine but for employees requiring the full course of vaccinations, you can buy a voucher for the initial course of three vaccinations which are given at monthly intervals.

What is the diphtheria, tetanus & polio vaccination?

It’s an inactivated vaccine given as part of the routine NHS childhood immunisations in the UK. A full course of vaccinations consists of five doses. Usually, the first three doses are given to you as a baby. The booster dose is given around the age of three and the second booster is given around age 14. It’s possible to finish off an incomplete vaccination course at any age and your employees can do this using our private service.

How many vaccinations will my employee need?

It’s important to have the full course of vaccinations to build and maintain the body's own immunity against these infections and protect against the diseases. If your employee has no record of previous diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccinations, they can be given the full course of vaccinations at Boots. They’ll start with an initial course of three vaccinations, each one month apart. A first booster dose will be needed a minimum of five years afterwards and a second booster 10 years after the first booster. If they’ve only had a partial course, they can complete their vaccination course at Boots no matter how many vaccinations they’ve had in the past.

It’s important that the employee vaccination history is checked before selecting which voucher to purchase. If they have no record of vaccinations, then it’s recommended they’re provided with a full vaccination course. If they have completed a partial course, then individual vouchers can be purchased for the number of vaccines required to complete the course.

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No, this service is exempt from VAT.

Unfortunately, once e-vouchers are purchased they are non-refundable. Please make sure to check which voucher is required for your employee before purchasing.

They’ll be able to have an initial course of three vaccinations, one month apart at Boots. A first booster dose will be needed a minimum of five years afterwards and a second booster 10 years after the first booster.

Yes, they need to provide details of their vaccination history during their consultation. This includes the name and date of any diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccinations.

This service isn’t suitable for pregnant women. If your employee is pregnant and hasn’t previously had a full vaccination course, they’ll need to speak with their GP who’ll be able to offer a suitable vaccination.

Please contact us on 0844 800 9993*** or email:

*Invoice is offered for customers that place an order for a minimum of £1000

**Participating stores only

***Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge

• The Boots Corporate Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio Service is provided by specially trained pharmacists in over 150 Boots stores across the UK, subject to store opening times, stock and suitably trained pharmacist availability

• The service is available for people aged 16 and over, subject to eligibility criteria and pharmacist consultation

• The e-vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date order is placed• We may undertake a credit check

• Once purchased, e-vouchers are non-refundable. They can’t be redeemed for cash and have no cash value


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