Women's health

Advice, services & products to help support women's health

Check out how Boots can support your health. For common conditions that can be treated without going to the GP and are easily accessible at Boots. Do you think you might be suffering from a UTI? We’ve got you, check out our Cystitis Test and Treat Service where, if suitable, you can access prescription only treatment for your urinary tract infection. Eligibility criteria and charges apply. We have something to help whether you're looking to understand more about cystitis and how to prevent it or browse our range of over-the-counter products to help with easing those symptoms.


A common yeast infection with symptoms that  include white discharge and itching and irritation around the vagina. At Boots we have a range of vaginal thrush treatments online and in store including branded Canesten products and others based on Fluconazole and Clotrimazole. To learn how to help prevent thrush check out our advice page.

Morning after pill

We offer several ‘Plan B pills’ that you can order online for future use, including Ella One™ and also pills containing Levonorgestrol. Morning after pills for immediate use are available following a short consultation with our pharmacist in store. Charges may apply. Check out all the details for these products in our Morning After Pill clinic. Also check out our range of condom products

Wanting to delay your period?

Have your wedding coming up or going on holiday? We have an online service that’s got you covered to delay your period if applicable. Through this online clinic you can access prescription medication to delay your period. Subject to a suitability assessment by one of our clinicians, charges apply.