Dry down there? You don’t have to live with it

What is vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is a common problem that affects many women at some point in their lives, which can leave you with day-to-day discomfort down below.

What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness?

If you have vaginal dryness, you may experience:

• Itching or soreness in and around your vagina
• Pain or discomfort during sex
• Needing to pee more often than usual
• Recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs)

You may be put off having sex as a result of experiencing these symptoms.

What causes vaginal dryness?

You may experience vaginal dryness if you:

• Are going through the menopause
• Are breastfeeding
• Take contraceptive pills or antidepressants
• Have had your womb removed (a hysterectomy)
• Have had, or are currently having cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy

These things can cause a change in your hormone levels, which can affect how much vaginal discharge or fluid you have.

You can also have vaginal dryness if you:

• Aren’t aroused during sex
• Use perfumed soaps, washes or douches in and around your vagina
• Have an underlying condition, such as diabetes or Sjögren's syndrome

How can I treat vaginal dryness?

It’s important to see your GP to understand what’s causing your vaginal dryness before trying any products to help relieve it.

If suitable, there are products that may help to ease your dryness.

Boots Vaginal Moisturiser Gel Tube & Applicator 30g

This soothing gel provides long-lasting relief from dryness, itching, irritation and discomfort by adhering to the lining of the vagina, helping with repair.

Knect Personal Water Based Lube (was KY Jelly) 50ml

Use this water-based personal lubricant to help ensure lubrication and comfort during sex.

When should I see a GP?

If vaginal dryness persists and it’s affecting your daily life, you should see your GP. 

You should also get help from your GP if you have unusual discharge or bleeding from your vagina, or bleeding after sex or in between your periods.

If you're getting vaginal dryness because of changes in your hormone levels (the menopause, for example), you may be prescribed creams, gels, patches or medicines to increase the oestrogen hormone in your body. This is called hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Alternatively, you can access the Boots Online Doctor – Vaginal Dryness Treatment service* for advice and where appropriate, vaginal dryness treatment.

*Access to prescription only medicine is subject to a consultation with a clinician to assess suitability. Charges apply.