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In addition to treating a full range of musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and bad backs, PhysioFast Online regularly provide specialist support for post-operative rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery and can advise on strength and balance, which can directly impact falls.

We also have an online Sports Injury Clinic where, as well as treating any injuries, we can support and advise on how to keep on track with a training schedule.


- Same day online virtual appointments available with chartered physiotherapists.

- No waiting lists and no GP referral needed.

- Securely connect to your online physiotherapy session using any device with a camera and microphone from the comfort of your own home. 


- Menopause and pregnancy
- Incontinence
- Long COVID
- Neurology
- Headache
- Neck and shoulder pain
- Elbow and wrist problems
- Back pain and sciatica
- Knee, ankle and foot pain
- Ligament and muscle injuries/strains
- Tendinopathies and osteoarthritis


PhysioFast Online answer your commonly asked physiotherapy questions


Yes, you just need an internet connection and a device (phone, tablet or computer) with a camera and a microphone.

The initial physiotherapy online appointment is designed to assess your problem and work out the best path forwards to support your needs. All sessions consist of:

  • An online video call with a chartered physiotherapist
  • An assessment of your problem based on the information you provide
  • Advice on the best path to support your needs (physiotherapy sessions, a referral to your GP or simple rest and reassurance)
  • Guidance through a series of exercises which will form the basis of your personalised treatment plan
  • Advice on the need for follow-up sessions to help you maintain your plan and stay on track to help achieve the best outcome
  • An email containing a link to the personalised treatment plan, devised by the physiotherapist, will be shared with you.
  • Information on exercises, which are available via video, PDF (printable) and online.

The benefits for completing online physiotherapy can be:

  • Reduction in travel time to sessions if fatigue is an issue
  • An exercise program that can be adapted to your living environment
  • Flexibility of therapy sessions that can fit around your daily schedule
  • It can be utilised alongside face-to-face therapy that you may already be doing
  • Specific functional tasks related to your home environment can be assessed and adapted to help manage your condition
  • If your motivation fluctuates, you have someone available to support you through your exercise program and answer questions along the way

All our physiotherapists are registered with both the Health and Care Professions Council (physiotherapist's equivalent to the GMC for Doctors) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. Physiotherapists working with PhysioFast have been chosen due to their clinical experience in musculoskeletal conditions gained from the NHS, private practice or from a variety of sports therapy settings. All physiotherapists require a minimum of five years of experience in providing musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Yes, we have specialist junior appointments available. Children are not 'mini adults'; child skeletons contain growth tissue which is not present in an adult and the location where natural growth occurs is also an area of potential weakness and injury for a period of time.

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The appointment was thorough and the physio was able to assess and diagnose me and I was given specific exercise programme including a plan and seating advice. I noticed a difference within a few days of taking on the exercises and advice on positioning

Jim Scott

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PhysioFast Online offer convenient, high-quality, online video physiotherapy appointments. With PhysioFast, you can receive personalised treatment and advice in the comfort of your own home in the form of virtual physiotherapy. Get bespoke guidance from our skilled and experienced physiotherapists, who can aid your recovery from injury, illness or an operation, with same day appointments, no waiting lists and no GP referrals needed!

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