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The only leading suncare brand with full 5 star UVA protection**.

Soltan is a leading suncare range for adults, children and babies with full 5 star UVA protection and a range of SPF options available: SPF8, SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50+.

Our protection promise is to provide advanced protection, expertly formulated by Soltan’s suncare scientists with maximum 5 star UVA protection to help protect against short and long-term skin damage. In 1992, we invented the UVA rating system to ensure consistency across suncare ranges when showing the level of protection provided against harmful UVA rays that cause permanent skin damage. Today, millions of people in the UK with every skin type rely on Soltan to provide protection from the sun both at home and on holiday.

Soltan is designed with Mums in mind: all of our children’s suncream and baby suncream contain 5 star UVA protection too, to ensure time spent outside is always fun and worry-free! We ensure all our products are dermatologically tested, provide a non-greasy formula so that they’re light and easily absorbed, as well as being water resistant.

We have created a range of products to suit every skin type and protectio