Helping to protect our planet

Soltan has been protecting families since 1939. But our protection promise doesn’t just stop there. At Soltan, we’re committed to protecting people from the sun and helping to protect the planet from suncare.

This page features information about our sustainability initiatives.

Protecting the oceans

All our sun protection products comply with the Hawaii Reef Bill as they are free from the chemical UV filters Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. The Hawaii Reef Bill is a law that passed in Hawaii in 2018 which bans the use of these ingredients.

We continuously monitor new research and use the findings in the development of the next generation of formulations. We have a clear focus on environmental protection and biodegradability, all in service of helping to care and protect our planet and communities.

Reducing plastics & materials

We are striving to improve the sustainable impact of our packaging. In 2021 we introduced 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into our core Protect & Moisturise range which reduced our use of virgin plastic by approximately 26.6 tonnes per year (that’s equal to over one million bottles of sun cream!).* In 2021, we also made strides to reduce the amount of single-use secondary packaging by removing all cartons that held our range of facial suncare products, thus reducing our consumption of materials by approximately 2.1 tonnes annually. For 2023 we have also introduced 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into our facial suncare products, and are planning the next phase of development that will enable us to further improve the sustainability of Soltan packaging by 2024.

Soltan will help Boots make a significant contribution to the UK Plastic Pact which aims to, by 2025:

• Increase the amount of plastic packaging which is reusable, recycled or compostable

• Increase the average recycled content across all plastic packaging
• Eliminate hard-to-recycle single-use plastic

A significant proportion of the Soltan packaging (e.g. all of our bottles, caps and tubes) can already be recycled, please check the back of our packs to make sure these go in the right bin for recyclability. Although it does depend on the country of disposal, the bottles that are recycled in the UK are typically used again in ‘wheelie bins’ and park benches.

Vegan & ethical

Soltan does not conduct nor commission animal testing on its products**, or on ingredients used in those products. So you can use your favourite Soltan product with confidence.

We use no animal-derived ingredients or by-products in our formulas.

Educating the next generation

Soltan Sun Ready Schools is an exciting sun safety awareness programme for children aged three to 11 years old. Soltan Sun Ready Schools offers free curriculum-linked learning tools with creative, fun and interactive ideas to help get children engaged and take control of their suncare. We work with schools, teachers and parents to raise sun awareness and build healthy habits from an early age that last a lifetime. From understanding the effects of the sun’s different rays (UVA and UVB), SPF and 5-star UVA ratings, to how to choose the right sun protection, our Top 5 Sun Safety Tips and expert advice in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get Sun Ready.

Find out more about Soltan Sun Ready and get your school involved here.


*Based on the weight of a 200ml Soltan bottle.
**With the exception of mosquitos for Soltan Protect & Repel testing.