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Choose one of four easy ways to pay for your contact lenses 

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Four ways to pay

We want to make having contact lenses as easy and rewarding as possible. That's why there are four ways to pay for your contact lenses at Boots Opticians. All you have to do is choose which suits you best.  

Our four options are:

  • Buying Contact Lenses online, shop the range today for home delivery.
  • Contact Lens Rewards Plan, pay monthly by direct debit and enjoy great benefits. 
  • Contact Lens Care Plan, pay for your contact lenses as you need them, plus an annual fee of £50 and enjoy great benefits.
  • Contact Lenses To Go, pay for your contact lenses as you need them.

Contact lens prices vary depending on your needs and prescription. Your optometrist will recommend the best ones for you.

Contact Lenses through your letterbox

Contact lenses are a popular choice, and we have a great range of contact lenses now available to buy online. This means we're always open and you can never run out again. (hallelujah!) Buy Contact Lenses online today.

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Benefits and discounts

Depending on which pay plan you go for, you could get inclusive eye tests and contact lens checks. You could also get great discounts on your glasses, as well as prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Whichever pay plan you choose, you'll enjoy some brilliant benefits and we'll look after your eyes too.

How does each pay plan compare?