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We’ve got contact lenses to suit 99% of glasses prescriptions

No subscriptions, no stress. Simply try before you buy & see the world in a new way

Whether you’re hitting the gym or painting the town red, contact lenses can bring you more freedom and flexibility.

Fancy giving them a go? Why not try before you buy with our Free Contact Lens Assessment and Trial? With no subscriptions and no stress, we’ll help you find a lens that’s right for you.

What happens at your assessment?

Before you get started with your free trial, you’ll need to pop in for a 30-minute assessment. Don’t worry, there’ll be no trick questions.

This is a chance for one of our opticians to find out which lenses best suit your lifestyle and talk you through prices and how to care for your lenses (spoiler alert: it’s super-easy, the main thing to remember is that you need to use solution and never use tap water to clean your lenses. Your optician will explain this). They’ll even give you the lowdown on our Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan and book you in for a post-trial appointment. Sounds good, right?

What does the free trial include?

Once your assessment is done (it’ll fly by), we’ll show you how to put in and take out your contact lenses, then get your prescription ready.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose from either a month's supply of selected daily reusable lenses or up to five pairs of daily disposable lenses – all for free. And remember, we’ll be with you every step of the way, so if you have any questions or problems throughout your trial, just get in touch.

Before you commit to buying them, take some time to see if contact lenses are right for you. If they are, we’ll help you choose a payment plan. Depending on which plan you go for, you could get top discounts on frames, free eye tests and free contact lens checks. How’s that for a bonus?

What type of contact lenses do Boots offer?

There are three main types of contact lenses:

• Daily disposable lenses – wear a fresh pair every day
• Daily reusable lenses – one pair can last up to one month
• Extended wear lenses – can be worn both day and night and can last up to one month

At Boots Opticians we’ve got contact lenses to suit 99% of glasses prescriptions.We stock a variety of Boots-own lenses and branded lenses from the likes of Acuvue to suit most prescriptions. Our lenses are developed with the latest advances in technology and there are options that come with features including:

• Lenses for astigmatism – to correct your prescription more accurately if you have astigmatism

• Multifocal lenses – let you see near, far and in between (also known as varifocal lenses)

• Breathable lenses – allow more oxygen through to the eye

• Hydrating lenses – for long-lasting moisture and comfort

• Transitions lenses – adapt from clear to dark in line with changing light conditions

• Lenses with UV protection – help protect from sun damage

We also stock a range of contact lens solutions online to help you clean and care for your lenses which you can add to your contact lens trial or plan.

Nervous about trying contact lenses?

Don’t be! From contacts getting stuck behind your eye to lenses falling out during your workout, there are dozens of myths floating around. To help put your mind at ease (and share the truth!) we’ve busted some of the top myths about contact lenses right here.

How to book your assessment & trial

If you haven’t had an eye test in the last year, we’ll need to check your eyes before we get you started with your free trial. Book your eye test and Free Contact Lens Assessment and Trial online or by calling 0345 125 3752.**

If you already have a prescription dated within the last year, simply use our store locator to find your nearest Boots Opticians who can book you in for your free contact lens assessment and trial.

What are you waiting for? Join the millions of people using contact lenses across the world

Want to know more?

A qualified Boots optician will talk through all of these options in more detail at your free contact lens assessment.

*Contact lens free trial: A trial consists of up to 5 pairs of daily disposable lenses or a month’s supply of selected daily reusable lenses. This trial excludes quarterly replacement, annual replacement and coloured contact lenses. You will need to have a valid glasses prescription. If you do not have a prescription, a sight test is required and is chargeable at the current price, please ask a member of staff for details. Excludes current Boots Contact Lens Reward Plan customers.

** Local call rates apply. Mobile charges may vary

*** Contact Lens Rewards Plan

Save £285 on average with our plan

Based on average contact lens reward scheme customer saving for transactions between 03/07/2022 to 03/07/2023. Saving amount is based on discount achieved in relation to eye tests (non-NHS customers), contact lens checks, glasses purchases, Boots Advantage Card points awarded on monthly reward scheme subscription charges and purchases of Boots brand products as part of the scheme. For full terms and conditions see here.

50% discount

50% discount is part of your Contact Lens Rewards Plan benefits and is only available to plan members. Discount will be applied when you purchase a complete pair of glasses, prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses. You will need a valid prescription for complete glasses and prescription sunglasses. Valid on 1st pair only and can be used with our second pairs half price offer when purchasing complete glasses or prescription sunglasses but not in conjunction with any other offer or discount on glasses or sunglasses. Offer excludes ready-made reading glasses and safety eyewear. Boots Opticians reserve the right to cancel this offer without notice.