We’ve been putting nature first since 1974. Our products harness nature’s powers without harming it in the process - and they work beautifully. We have faith in natural ingredients being better, both in terms of efficacy and wellbeing – and we believe they should be accessible (and affordable) for everyone. Because only when we’re all connected to nature, will we all commit to protecting it.

Formulated with expert plant knowledge and packed with powerful aromatherapy benefits, our nature-loving blends contain 100% natural origin fragrance and essential oils. From our zero-waste soap bars, to our nourishing hair care, and our cleansing body washes, we’ve spent nearly 50 years trying, testing and perfecting our products – and you’ve been loving them too.

Being green is in our nature. That’s why our formulations are cruelty-free, Vegan Society approved, and free from SLS and silicones. Always. But we know it’s not just what’s inside that counts. All of our bottles are made using recycled and recyclable plastic (you might have noticed their charming grey tint). Our zero-waste shampoo bars and hand soaps are packed in completely compostable cardboard, making it easier for everyone to make eco choices everyday.