Always offers a range of period pads and panty liners designed to suit different body types, period flows and preferences. Always Discreet offers a unique line-up of products for sensitive bladder. Always sanitary pads come in different sizes to allow you to find the right size for your flow. You can find pads for day protection for light to medium flow, and night protection for heavy and extremely heavy flow, all with and without wings. Always Platinum sanitary towels with wings are designed for zero leaks, zero odour, zero bunching and offer ultimate comfort and protection, thanks to a unique dual layered top sheet with micro-cushions. Always Ultra sanitary towels offer three protection features: InstantDry to absorb liquid in seconds, LeakGuard technology to prevent leaks and OdourLock. Always Infinity sanitary pads are made with SmartFoam which moulds to your body and absorbs 10x its weight so you barely feel it, and Always Sensitive pads offer you an amazingly soft feeling while providing Always’ trusted protection. The Always Cotton Protection range offers panty liners and pads with a 100% organic cotton top sheet. Also available in Tampax Organic Cotton, tampons with 100% organic cotton core. Always Dailies panty liners are surprisingly thin and are designed to absorb daily discharge, dampness and odour so women can enjoy that morning-fresh underwear feeling every day. The Always Discreet range offers protection for bladder weakness, from a few drops to heavy gushes, you can find incontinence liners, pads and discreet incontinence underwear to meet your needs.