Want in on the cake-free hacks – who wouldn’t?

Trust us, after reading this the only cake you’ll have is the one on your coffee break. Celebrity make-up artist Stacey Lacey shares her top tips and product picks for avoiding cakey make-up. What are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and take note of these pro tips – milk and sugar anyone?

Cake-free secrets

According to Stacey, there are many reasons why make-up can become patchy and cake-like. First up, it could be that you’re simply applying too much. Going too far with your foundation, caking on the concealer and packing on the powder will all lead to a cakey make-up mishap. If you’re guilty of laying it on thick, Stacey recommends being a bit less heavy-handed and using a more pigmented foundation, to get the heavy-duty beauty results you’re after.

Same goes for powder. Stacey tells us it’s best to “use a translucent rather than a pressed powder, as it’s lighter and creates more of a smooth veil rather than a chalky texture.” She also recommends applying powder “using a powder puff, or a flat sponge, to create a flat layer to set your powder neatly on top of your foundation.” This will make your whole look last longer – result!

Switch up your routine

“The tools and method you use to apply the foundation are very important,” Stacey tells us. Applying your foundation in small dots (a stippling motion if you’re down with the pro lingo) using a stipple brush will give you an even coverage, free of cake. If you’ve not got a stippling brush in your box of make-up tricks, a dampened beauty blender will do just fine.

Chuck away your old make-up

If you remember to do one thing this year, it’s this: “If your foundation is old or has become dry from leaving the lid off for too long it can dry out and will be thicker,” says Stacey. And thicker make-up can lead to a cakey face. “To combat this,” Stacey adds, “you can add a couple of drops of facial oil to restore it back to a more runny texture – it’ll also help if your skin is really dry.”

Psst! If you’re still not using a setting spray, this one’s for you. As well as locking in your look all day, it helps to melt away any foundation cakiness and take away any powdery residue leaving you with a luxe look.

Hydrate your skin

Having dry or dehydrated skin could be another cause of cakey make-up. “Try using a night cream before bed,” Stacey advises, “and you’ll wake up with more hydrated and plumped skin in the morning, ready for make-up application.” To avoid the tell-tale signs of cakey make-up like nasolabial lines (the lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth), eyeshadow primer is your new best friend. “Apply a clear eyeshadow primer and set with a tiny bit of powder before applying foundation,” adds Stacey. “This will prevent the lines from creasing and caking up.”

Here’s to smooth-looking, cake-free skin. Now, wasn’t that easy?