How to: the tailored tightline

Watch our make-up tutorial and learn how to tightline your eyes

The tightline is the go-to eyeliner technique of the moment, and a quick and easy way to define your eyes. But what exactly is it? Tightlining is the practice of applying eyeliner directly onto the waterline of your eyes. It’s sometimes called ‘invisible mascara’, because its effect makes your lashes look thicker and fuller. It flatters every eye shape, and you can make it as bold as you want. 

Take a look at our video tutorial to see how to master the tailored tightline.

Step 1 - Curl your lashes

Start by curling your eyelashes. This will help to open up your eyes and stop your lashes getting in the way.

Step 2 - Time to line

Using a kohl eyeliner pencil, line your lower and upper waterlines. Try to stay as close to your eyelash roots as possible. Don’t worry if your eyes water, it’s normal! We used the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl - its creamy texture glides on easily.

Step 3 - A splash of silver

Apply a silver eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop.

Step 4 - All about the volume

Finish with a layer of volumising mascara. Try No7 Lash Impact Mascara for amplified, dramatic lashes.