Get set to flutter those falsies

If you’re new to false lashes, or haven’t quite mastered the art of eyelash application yet, our step-by-step guide is here to help you get fabulous lashes in the blink of an eye. Grab your favourite set of falsies and get ready to bat those lashes!

The prep step

To make your own lashes blend with your falsies, use an eyelash curler to give your natural lashes a little lift. This will help make sure all your lashes, whether real or just really realistic, blend seamlessly together. You can also add a layer of mascara for an extra bit of oomph.  

Measure up

Grab your favourite pair of falsies (we love Eyelure Most Wanted Silk Effect False Lashes in Gimme Gimme Gimme) and hold them up against your eyelid to work out how much length you need to lose. Then use a pair of nail scissors (not near your eye, obviously) to trim the excess off the ends of your false lashes so they’re the same length as your eyelid. 

Top tip: Put the bits you’ve trimmed to one side – once you’ve mastered the art of false lash application you can layer these up at the outer corner of your eyes for extra lash sass. Or save them to add extra flutter to the outer corner of your natural lashes on days when you don’t fancy going full-on with the falsies.

All about glue

This is the bit where patience really pays off. Apply Eylure Lashfix Strip Lash Adhesive evenly to the lash band of your falsies then leave it to dry, just until it’s tacky – about 30 seconds should do it. 

Top tip: The key here is to do one false eyelash at a time – glue, apply, then go back and do the other one. This will save you rushing and ending up with haphazard-looking lashes!

The perfect application

Pop a mirror on your lap or dressing table and look downwards into it to apply your lashes (trust us, it’s way easier than looking straight on into a mirror). Use a set of slanted tweezers to pop your false lashes in place. We like No7 Slanted Tweezers, because the angled edge helps get your lashes exactly where they need to be. Once your false lashes are in place, use your fingers to gently press the lash strip down against your natural lashes so there’s no skin showing in between. 

Line & disguise

Use liquid liner to blend in the lash band and add extra definition to your eye look, then sweep on another layer of mascara for even bigger impact. Oh hey, party-ready peepers!

And there you have it, flutter-ly gorgeous lashes in the blink of an eye! If you want to brush up on your lash removal skills while you’re here, take a peek at our tutorial on removing false eyelashes