Brow guru Lisa Potter-Dixon on flawless eyebrows every day

Find your shape

Follow these steps from Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit Cosmetics head make-up artist and brow guru

1. Line it up

To work out where the start of your brow should be, hold an eyebrow pencil parallel to the edge of your nostril and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. Mark the spot where the tip meets the brow.

2. Get the right angle

Find the highest peak of your arch by lining up the pencil with the edge of your nostril and angling it towards the centre of your iris. Mark the point where the tip hits your brow.

3. Mark the spot

By holding the pencil diagonally, from the outside corner of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye, and marking the spot, you can see where your brow should end. These three markings are your guide for the perfect pluck.

Choose your fave formula

We found the best brow products, so you can pick your tool of choice

1. Pick your finish

For a long-lasting look, go for a gel formula such as L’Oréal Paris UnbelievaBrow Long Wear Brow Gel*. Alternatively, a powder will give you a softer finish: we rate Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette in deep brown or soft brown.

2. Set them in place

Brows need taming? Set and shape with Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter Gel*.

3. Amp up the volume

To create a fuller style, amp up the volume with Rimmel London Brow This Way with Argan Oil.

Pro Tip

It’s best to tweeze straight after a shower. This is because the heat naturally loosens hair follicles, making for a less ouchy experience

Tweeze tactics
1. Choose your tools

Ensure your tweezers are in good nick, as they become blunt over time. We like Boots Slanted Tweezers  EXCLUSIVE. And make sure you have good lighting.

2. Make it swift

Grab each hair as close to the root as possible and tweeze swiftly in the direction of growth. Use a spoolie (it’s like a mascara wand, minus the mascara) to tidy up hairs.

3. Keep it neat

If you have stray, longer hairs, use Luxe Studio Stork Brow Scissors* EXCLUSIVE, to trim small amounts at a time above the brow line. How neat!

*Available in selected stores only.
Illustration: Willa Gebbie, Photography Imaxtree, Pixeleyes