What is the Mole Scanning Service?

The Mole Scanning Service provides you with an assessment of moles and pigmented lesions you’re worried about, and can help to identify any that might be suspicious.

The service doesn’t provide a diagnosis of skin cancer, but ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialists analyse the moles/lesions and can help identify any suspicious moles that might need further investigation.

Come in and talk to our specially trained pharmacy advisors if you’re worried about moles on your body. The service is operated by ScreenCancer with assistance from trained members of selected Boots pharmacy teams. 

Who can use the service?

The Mole Scanning Service is for those aged 18 years old and over. If you are younger than 18, please see your GP if you have any concerns about your moles or pigmented lesions.

Please note, we cannot scan any moles or pigmented lesions:

• Located in an intimate area of the body (e.g. genitals, areas of the breasts covered by a bra)

• On the eyelid or the tip of an ear

• Covered by an excessive amount of hair

• That are wet, open or bleeding

• That are on a tattoo

If any of these exclusions apply to you and you are still concerned about your mole, please see your GP for help.

How it works

There are two stages to the Mole Scanning Service.

Stage 1

A member of your Boots pharmacy team will talk with you in a private consultation room. There will be a short questionnaire to assess your risk factors for skin cancer and a consent form to complete.

• You will be asked to identify the mole(s) or pigmented lesion(s) that you would like scanned – please note, our Boots pharmacy team cannot advise you on this

• Then a scan of the mole(s) or pigmented lesion(s) will be taken using a ScreenCancer dermatoscopic imaging device

• The images and information will then be sent securely to a ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialist for analysis

The consultation will last about 20 minutes.

Stage 2

The scans will be analysed by a ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialist for signs of malignant melanoma, with a report sent to you within one week.

If it shows that your mole(s) or pigmented lesion(s) is/are at risk, a ScreenCancer Dermatology Nurse will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Our bodies and moles are always changing and we can’t guarantee that a mole that has been considered normal will always remain so. It’s important to be aware of any changes to the mole/pigmented lesion and to use the ABCDE rule to self-check.

Benefits of the service

• You can book an appointment online

• You’ll receive your results within one week

• You can collect Boots Advantage Card points too

How much does the service cost?*

• The first mole/pigmented lesion will cost £35

• Each additional mole/pigmented lesion scanned within the one consultation will cost £15

If you wish to have more than four moles scanned we advise you to speak to your GP.

*The Boots Mole Scanning Service is run by ScreenCancer. Therefore the fee that you pay for this service is paid to ScreenCancer.


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