Prepare to be chilled to the bone this Halloween with our scarily good skeleton look

Ever scrolled through social media and wished you could create an easy skeleton make-up look for Halloween? Look no further as our boo-tiful tutorial is ready to cast a stunning spell on all who watch it.

Eerily good eyes

Apply a lighter base of foundation and set with powder, then go to work with gel liner across your eyelids (don’t worry about being messy, as it only adds to the finished look!) Then grab a blending brush and buff the liner out and up to your brows. Sweep the same black liner under your waterline and buff, buff, buff.

Spooky sprinkle of glitter

Take a small amount of glitter glue/ glitter primer and gently dab over the black eye shadow, and then wait a few seconds for it to go slightly tacky before applying the glitter all over your lids. Fall out under the eyes? Don’t apply product to remove – simply dust away with a foundation brush.

Nothing but the tooth

Buff black eye shadow over your lips, then draw two small lines from each corner of your mouth. Draw straight lines vertically to create a killer skeleton mouth.  Take a black felt/ gel liner and add teeth markings, and fill in the gaps with a liquid white liner.

Cheeky hollow

Create a creepy contour by hollowing out your cheeks with black and grey eye shadows – start light and build up to your desired deadliness. Apply the same shades to the top corners of your face and buff out. For added definition, dust the shadows on your collarbone and emphasise with black gel liner.

Don’t forget the nose…

Outline your desired shape with black liner and draw half way up your nose, then fill in with black shadow or black eyeliner. Then pop on your fluffiest false lashes and prepare to scare!