Don't get tangled up with tricky make-up looks this Halloween

Give your friends the creepy crawlies with this stunningly easy spider web eye make-up look. Keep the rest of your make-up simple and go all out with an eye that’ll leave them saying ‘wow, that’s an impressive spider, man’.

Eye spy

Create your base as normal, then take a soft orange/peach eye shadow and buff into the crease. Take the same shade and blend under your waterline.

Wing it

Take a black liquid liner (a pen product is your best bet) and steadily draw a wing on your eyes. You can go as big or as small as you like, and our top tip is to not think about it too much. Go with the liner flow and let the pen lead the way. Then bring the liner down into your inner corner. Finally take the outer flick and bring it up slightly to rest mid-way in your crease.

World wide web

Draw four lines diagonally down from underneath your waterline to sit on the top of your cheek. With the same liner, draw curved lines across to create a webbed effect. Take a liquid white liner and go over these curves to add more detail to your spider web.

Those finishing touches

Slick on some mascara, then pop on some big, bold lashes (the bigger the better as it’s all eyes on yours with this look). Finish with a sweep of liquid lipstick and a touch of gloss.