Sink your teeth into this blood-curdlingly glam vampire look

 Prepare to slay in a different way this Halloween with our take on easy glam vampire make-up. Plus, this look won’t drain your budget as the eyes and lips can be done with one liner – now that’s Dracula spectacular!

Nail the base

Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would (even go a little paler if you like) then take a cream bronzer and define your cheekbones. Take the same bronzer and sweep across the forehead, and under the chin to create deep definition. 

Vamp up those eyes

Take a plum/reddish eye liner and apply across the lid and under your waterline. Take a blending brush and buff out – don’t worry if it’s untidy, as this helps with the dramatic look. Apply red eye shadow over the liner and blend out, then add a pop of highlighter to the inner corners. Sweep on black eye liner and pop on bold lashes to finish.

You’re so vein

With the same reddish eye liner used for your eyes, lightly draw veins going down from just below your waterline to mid-way down your cheek. Draw the same veins to just above the high points of your cheeks. With a small blending brush, blend the lines out to help make them look less perfect. Take a vampy red liquid lipstick and gently go over the veins to help define. 

Bite here, bite now

Create a gorgeously vampish pout by applying a deep red lip liner all over your lips, and then take a deep red liquid lipstick and apply over the top. Wait for this to dry before adding a dab of concealer to the centre and working out with your ring finger, and finish with a sweep of lip gloss. Want to vamp it up even more? Gently smudge the lip look from each corner of your mouth with a lip brush