Be wild this Halloween with our fierce feline look. Whether you’re looking for a leopard print Halloween look or an eye-catching cheetah make-up look, our tutorial will help you create the purrfect look to make you stand out on Instagram

It’s all about the base

Like with all experimental looks, we suggest practising before the big night to make sure you’re looking meow-nificent.

Apply your foundation using a beauty blender. Fill in your brows using strokes with a pencil and then brush through.

Using your contour brush, contour your cheeks, forehead and jawline. Finish your fur-midable base by applying highlighter to your cheekbones to really make them pop.

Purrfect your eyes

Apply dark eyeshadow to the crease of your eye and in the corner and blend. Then, cover your lid with a brown eyeshadow. 

Add a kohl black liner to your bottom waterline and under your eye for a dramatic eye look. Then with black liquid eyeliner, create an extreme flick extending down to the inner corner of your eye.

Add your furry feline features

Using the same liquid eyeliner, draw a nose that covers the tip of yours and extend the line down to your top lip.

Fill in your top lip with black eyeliner, extending out a flick either side. Draw a few dots in between your nostril and top lip and create whiskers on your cheeks. To finish your lips, apply liquid gold eyeshadow to the bottom.

Sketch the leopard spots 

To get that leopard or cheetah print make-up look, draw rough C shapes with your black liquid liner across your forehead and between brows. You’ll want these to cover your forehead, but not look squashed. Fill in some of the shapes with the gold YSL Satin Crush Eyeshadow in Beige-seller and the rest with NARS Voyageur Eyeshadow Palette in Nectar in Gilded

Complete your leopard or cheetah Halloween make-up look with mascara and volumising false lashes.

Now you’ve got it, haunt it. And remember to hit that Halloween party with cat-titude.