Be the cutest cat at the party this Halloween with our cute cat make-up look. This look is designed with you and your make-up bag in mind, so you can try it out beforehand or just wing it on the night

Purrfect your base

Using a beauty blender, apply and blend white or pale powder under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, on your chin and the middle of your forehead.

Grab your contour brush and apply dark brown powder to your cheekbones and down the side of your nose.

Brush through your brows with a brow brush in an upward motion to make them slightly bushy. Add brown and black liner strokes to your brows, and finally white liner strokes at the end of your brows. Make sure to flick upwards from your brow hairs for the feline look.

Create meownificant eyes

Apply brown eyeshadow to the crease of your eye and blend slightly. Then apply copper eyeshadow over your lid and blend, making sure the brown eyeshadow is more prominent.

Create the purrfect flick by applying black liquid eyeliner to the edge of your eye, finish the line just before your brown eyeshadow. Make it as thick or thin as you like. Extend the eyeliner over the top of your eyelash line and finish with a cute flick at the inner corner of your eye.

Apply your favourite dark eyeshadow under your lower lash line and above your feline flick and blend.

Finish your eye look by applying mascara and false lashes for adorable eyes.

Focus on those feline features

Using a black eyeliner pencil, draw the outline of a cute heart on the end of your nose and fill in. Then draw the liner above your nostrils from the heart. Finally, draw a line down to your lips where you’ll need to create an outline of your top lip.

Apply nude lipstick with a lip brush to your bottom lip, and red lipstick to your top lip.

Using your contour brush again, add the same brown powder to the corner of your mouth down to the edge of your chin. Then top up the contour on your cheekbones to really make them pop.

Finish your look with cat-itude

Using your powder brush, apply pale or white powder below the contour on your cheekbones. Using black and white liquid eyeliner, add dots to either side of your cupid’s bow – start with the black eyeliner first.

Finish your cute cat Halloween make-up by drawing three whiskers on each cheek from your dots to your cheekbones with black liquid eyeliner.

Now you’re meow-nificent and ready to stand out as the cutest cat about town.