Bababing Key Features
Keep it simple with the FlipOut changing mat, the essential compact item every parent needs.

It’s a super-sized changing mat which folds up nice and neat – perfect for popping in your handbag, beach bag or stashing in the glovebox for that trip into town.

The FlipOut Changing Mat Pack is a perfect product that allows you the parent to leave the house with the essentials required to change baby without having the bulk of a changing bag! The FlipOut is an ideal product to leave in the boot of the car for those emergencies when the changing bag has been forgotten and baby needs to be changed quickly and efficiently!

As the FlipOut is a practical yet compact product, it allows those parents to use their own handbags whilst stashing the FlipOut inside their own handbags!

The FlipOut Changing Mat Pack has been designed to allow at least 5 nappies and a quantity of baby wipes to fit inside the changing mat pack, as well as allowing the required creams and other sundries to be located at the large pocket at the back of the product that is easily accessible for the parent!

The large ‘super-size’ changing mat can be easily removed allowing this to be used on it’s own in the nursery, living room or bathroom when changing your child!

The FlipOut Changing Mat Pack also comes with a simple Velcro loop to allow the FlipOut to attach to any pushchair/stroller with ease so that instant access can be gained to the essential items that are stored within the product with minimal fuss!