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Did you know that 50% of women have never used a night pad even though leaks are 3x more likely to happen at night? Use the Always My Fit Finder below to discover your perfect day and night pads to help keep you protected when you’re active and lying down.

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Wings or no wings?

Pads with wings are more popular. They help the pad stay in place and prevent side leaks.

The differences between day & night pads

Your period needs are different when you’re active during the day and throughout the night.

Day pads provide protection when you’re on the move.

They have a flexible fit to move with your body. Their InstantDry core and 3D LeakGuard technology help protect against leaks.

Night pads provide protection when you’re lying down. As well as the InstantDry core and 3D LeakGuard technology, Always Ultra Size 5 is 80%

longer at the back and 9% longer at the front (vs. Always Ultra Size 1) to protect against leaks throughout the night.