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Aftershave & Fragrance for Him

Gentlemen, we know that choosing your specific scent can be a mammoth decision.  Your aftershave reveals a certain something about you. Are you a man of classic tastes, a young guy wanting to try all the new trends, or just someone who wants to make an impact when they walk in the room?

Whatever your je ne sais quoi, Boots is on hand to help you choose the perfect aftershave. If you’re a man of luxury taste, we have the ever popular Bleu de Chanel. If you want a great everyday essential, you there’s the classic Calvin Klein CK one.

We know very well that aftershave shopping can be a bit intimidating. Not only is there so much choice, but after testing multiple aftershaves, it seems that we lose the ability to recognise any smell. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that Boots has over 150 years of experience, and there’s always someone on hand to help you out. A little tip: sniff coffee beans in between testing aftershaves. It’ll help you distinguish between the fragrances.

If you want to get a head start, try our Fragrance Finder. In just seven easy steps, you’ll get a narrowed-down choice of the right aftershave for you. Just choose which scents describe you; spicy, citrus & aquatic, warm musk or woody? Also, do you like your aftershave subtle, or strong enough to make everyone notice you? Whatever your preference, we definitely have the aftershave for you.

You’ll be thrilled to hear we regularly have great offers on our extensive aftershave range, making your new scent just that little bit sweeter. Don’t forget to pick up a Boots Advantage Card to start collecting four points for every pound you spend.

So, what fragrance is the perfect one for you? Start browsing today!