Airport Click & Collect

Pick up your order before you fly

in 3 easy steps...


Select a delivery date 3 days before your flight to allow us to prepare your parcel in time. To view restrictions on ordering, please see our FAQs below. Remember to select the airport store located after security.


We'll send you an order confirmation once your order’s been confirmed and a text when it's ready to collect. If we receive it earlier than your departure date, we’ll keep it safe.


When you are through security, visit Boots and one of our helpful colleagues will retrieve your parcel for you. Now you’re good to go, time to have a safe flight and a great time away!

We offer collection after security in 15 UK airports:

- Aberdeen
- Birmingham

- Bristol

- East Midlands
- Edinburgh
- Gatwick North and South
- Glasgow
- Heathrow (terminal 2, 3, 4 & 5)
- Leeds Bradford
- Liverpool
- London City
- Luton
- Newcastle
- Stansted
- Manchester (terminal 1*, 2 & 3)

When you’re selecting your collection store at the checkout, please double check you have the correct terminal if you’re flying from Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester. And also, remember to check if the store you’ve selected is the one after security.

*please note that terminal 1 service is only available in store number 2035

You can order most things to collect after security, including products over 100ml! 

There are however a few items you can’t order, they are:

- Sharp, pointed items such as scissors, tweezers and pointed nail files
- Shavers and razor blades
- Nail clippers
- Hair dye and lightener
- Children's pretend weapons (e.g. water pistols)
- Nail varnish remover

- Gift sets which include sharp or pointed items
- Lithium batteries

Just remember, items purchased after security checkpoints may be subject to restrictions on return flights.

If you’re flying to the Middle East your items will need to go in a plastic bag before you fly, we will provide this when you collect your order. 

Restrictions on how much you can order, and what you can order won’t differ between airline carrier.

Order from 2 weeks before you fly - please ensure that you select a delivery date that is 3 days prior to your flight date to allow us enough time to prepare your parcel in time.

Please check the opening times of the store you're collecting from and if your chosen collection date of 3 days before your fly isn't available, please choose the day prior. Our colleagues will keep your parcel safe.

Yes, if you are logged in and your Advantage Card is linked to your account. 

If you are unable to collect your parcel due to a cancelled flight - don't worry! Your Boots parcel will be returned to our warehouse if it is not collected within a 7 day period. Once the item is received back at our warehouse, the refund will be processed.  View our Boots returns policy here.