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There's plenty to choose from

Did you know there are over seven million Boots Meal Deal combinations? At only £3.39* or less for a main, snack and a drink, there’s plenty of ways to mix up your meal deal. But if you ever find yourself confused in the aisles and need to know the lowdown on how to make your lunch picks healthier then read on…

*£3.99 or less in London and airport stores

Help! I’m confused by my options

If you lead a busy lifestyle or often find yourself reaching for the grab-and-go lunch options, you can still make sure you have a balanced bite. It all comes down to knowing what to look for, which is why the traffic light labels on selected items in our Boots Meal Deal make it easier to know what you’re putting in your body.

Confused by calories? They are simply the energy we get from our food, and it’s important to know how many calories you’re consuming. If you eat more than you burn off then your body stores this as extra fat and you could put on weight. If you’re unsure how many calories you need on a daily basis the general rule is 2000 for women and 2500 for men. But how should this be split?

Adults should aim to eat around 400 calories at breakfast and 600 calories at lunch and dinner each day. This is a great way to keep track of what you’re eating, and alongside drinks and a couple of healthier snacks, such as nuts, hummus and even apple slices with peanut butter (trust us, it’s delicious), will help you keep to your recommended daily calorie intake.

Research has shown that we’re eating up to an extra 300 calories a day on average more than we should be, which means there's extra energy in the body that could be stored as fat and lead to weight gain over time. Following a healthy diet and knowing how many calories are in the food and drink you are choosing can help you keep a balance between the energy you put in and the energy you use.

What makes a healthy lunch?

It’s easy to grab a Boots Meal Deal without really thinking about what you’re choosing, so take a look at the handy traffic light labelling on each product. They show food information per 100g, including calories, salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat, and have a green, amber and red colour code to show whether the amount is high, moderate or low.

To help keep your lunch choices balanced try to choose something from each of the four main food groups:

Starchy carbohydrates

• Bread

• Potatoes

• Rice

• Pasta

Try and choose higher fibre varieties where you can, such as wholemeal bread, potatoes with skins, brown rice and wholewheat pasta.

Fruit & vegetables

You’ll know these already, but add a splash of colour to your diet with pineapple chunks, bags of apple and carrot bites, and even veggies with an avocado dip – yum!


• Meat

• Eggs

• Fish

• Tofu

• Nuts

• Beans

Dairy products

• Cheese

• Milk

• Yoghurt

If you’re a vegan or don’t consume dairy products then opt for dairy free milk options, such as fortified almond, soya, oat and even rice milk.

How do I make my Boots Meal Deal healthier?

We can all be guilty of buying lunch in a rush, but next time you pop to Boots for your meal deal try making a conscious effort to include food from the four food groups above. Remember to take a look at the traffic light labelling to see how healthy your food picks are.

Now you know what to look out for, here are a few tasty options to choose from for your next lunch visit to Boots.


High Protein Herby Chicken Wrap: 9.7g fat, 2.4g saturates, 2.1g sugars, 0.82g salt

174 calories of goodness in a delicious egg wrap with 6g carbs.

Chicken & Apple Slaw with Apple Cider Vinegar: 8.1g fat, 0.8g saturates, 3.6g sugars, 0.57g salt

Try something different with this high fibre bread sandwich that has only 189 calories.

Vegan Southern Fried Wrap: 9.3g fat, 2.4g saturates, 4.8g sugars, 0.85g salt

A delicious vegan take on southern fried chicken with just 221 calories.


Delicious Egg & Spinach: 5.7g fat, 1.8g saturates, 0.1g sugars, 0.29g salt

This snack pot is a great mid-morning snack at only 110 calories. Eggs are a great source of protein and this pack contains a total of 12g, which is 11% of men’s daily intake and 14% of women’s.

Emily Crisps Crunchy French Beans, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame: 2.4g fat, 1.2g saturates, 7.2g sugar, 0.1g salt

Not only are they only 95 calories, but they’re also vegan friendly, gluten free and one of your five-a-day. Oh, and did we mention they’re delicious?

Sweet treats

Nutritious Mango Pot: 0.2g fat, 0.1g saturates, 12g sugars, 0g salt

Add a little vibrant twist to your meal deal with tasty and tropical mango chunks, with only 56 calories. This little pot of sweetness is a healthier alternative to chocolate bars and will help to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Propercorn Peanut Butter and Almond Popcorn: 1.3g fat, 0.4g saturates, 3.5g sugars, 0.26g salt

This 30g bag is the perfect desk side snack; with a gorgeously nutty flavour ready to be enjoyed. It’s also vegan friendly, gluten free and just 115 calories.

The Collective Raspberry Gourmet Live Yoghurt: 7.8g fat, 5.1g saturates, 20.7g sugars

Enjoy this as a breakfast snack or save for an afternoon treat with only 118 calories. Grab a spoon and delve into this thick and yummy yoghurt, with a tangy raspberry hit waiting to be discovered at the bottom.


Brecon Carreg Still Natural Mineral Water 750ml

The most popular meal drink choice is a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola, which contains 27g of sugar! Did you know the daily sugar intake for adults is 90g per day, and no more than 30g per day should be from ‘free sugars’ (sugars added to food or drink by the manufacturer or yourself). But if you’re trying to be a little healthier then water is a great option, as you should aim to drink six to eight glasses a day.

Shapers Pineapple & Mango Sparkling Juice Drink: 0.1g fat, 0.1g saturates, 6.3g sugars, 0.01g salt

If you’re looking for a fizzy drink with a little less sugar and only 25 calories, then the Shapers range could become your new best friend. This tropical flavour contains only 7% of the recommended daily sugar intake, which makes it a great healthier pick.

Sparkling Ice Orange Mango: 0.0g fat, 0.0g saturates, 2.5g sugars, 0.0g salt

If you normally reach for fizzy orange drinks then this is a great swap, as it’s made with carbonated water and orange juice and contains only 12 calories – refreshing!

Now you’re ready to hit the Meal Deal aisles, but remember that life is all about balance, so don’t deny yourself treats every now and then.