This summer, we’re all going to be making the most of the outside space around us, be that our back gardens, balconies or local green spaces. Here at Soltan HQ, while we may not be travelling far from home, we can still inspire kids to get outside and let their imaginations go on an adventure and run wild!

We’ve teamed up with Harry and Izzy Judd plus psychologist Emma Kenny to bring you the FREE Downloadable Soltan Imaginative Play Pack. Our Imaginative Play Pack is filled with loads of fun and simple activities and ideas to inspire outside play for your little ones, including an expert opinion on why it’s so important for them to engage in imaginative and creative play during their precious time outside.

The pack is split into four exciting sections for you to try with your family, all with different activities designed for playing outdoors.


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The Soltan imaginative play pack provides simple outdoor play activities to let children’s imagination run wild this summer. Written by Harry and Izzy Judd, the book provides simple activities and ideas to inspire outdoor play, whilst also providing expertise from psychologist Emma Kenny on why it’s so important for children to engage in imaginative and creative play during their precious time outside.

Imaginative play is unstructured play with no set rules, goals or results. Children can explore and learn along the way through imaginative play in their garden or local parks when transporting to many different places that get them thinking about the space differently and more creatively.

Whilst playing outside and enjoying the sun, it’s important to regularly apply Soltan suncream too.

Soltan is designed with mums in mind: all of our children’s suncream and baby suncream contain 5 star UVA protection to ensure time spent outside is always fun and worry-free! We ensure all our products are dermatologically tested, provide a non-greasy formula so that they’re light and easily absorbed, as well as being water resistant.

As the leading suncare brand with full 5 star UVA protection**, Soltan is a leading suncare range for adults, children and babies with full 5 star UVA protection and a range of SPF options available: SPF8, SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50+.

*This printable Soltan Imaginative Play Pack is a downloadable PDF, 16 pages, 61.5MB in size.

**The star rating is a measure of the absorbance of UVA relative to UVB. Other brands not displaying a star rating symbol may still offer high levels of UVA protection. Data to support can be found at www.boots.com/soltan-uva-protection.