Top tips from the beauty influencer & professional make-up artist

Ever wondered how to find your perfect foundation or contour like a pro? Huda answers those burning beauty questions.

How do I create an easy smokey eye?

“The smokey eye is super simple to create! No matter what colour palette you’re using, the technique remains the same."

“For a natural smokey eye, use brown and golden tones. For a more dramatic look, experiment with blacks, greys and silvers! If you’re really creative, you can use bold shades like reds, oranges and blues that complement your eye colour.”

Four steps to Huda’s simple smokey eye:

1. Use a lighter shadow to create the perfect base for your look.  Apply in the inner corner of the eye and blend out across the entire lid.

2. Take a darker toned shadow and apply from the outer corner of the eye, blending (in a circular motion) towards the crease.
3. Continue softening the darker shadow by blending it out to the inner corner of the eye.
4. Dab a little shimmer on the very inner corner of the eye to complete the look. For even more drama, you can always darken the crease a bit more to make the eyes really pop!

Should you always remove your make-up before going to bed?

“Absolutely yes, followed by hydrating and moisturising your skin! I start with a double cleanse. My Huda Beauty Make-up Remover Balm quickly melts away make-up and is super gentle on the skin. It’s a must-have!"

“I follow with Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser and a toner, then I begin my skincare with an essence, serum and moisturiser."

My Huda Beauty Make-up Remover Balm quickly melts away make-up and is super gentle on the skin. It's a must-have!

“I’ve been using some secret skincare products that are coming in 2020, but I always go over my skin afterwards with a Gua Sha stone or jade roller to really lock in the moisture! I finish by nourishing my skin with some of my favourite oils – rosehip oil is incredible.”

How do I contour my face?

“Always go one shade darker than your foundation, or two shades for a more dramatic look. For a more natural look, use a cooler shade with more grey undertones. Any of our Tantour shades would work perfectly for this!"

“The classic rule is to ‘draw a 3’ that will frame your face. Sweep your bronzer or contouring shade from your forehead around your hairline, under your cheekbones and back around and under your jaw. Most importantly, remember to blend – obvious lines never look good.”

How do I apply false lashes?

“There’s nothing more glamourous than a set of full-fringe false lashes to really elevate your look! Everyone loves the idea of them, but I know they can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to apply them."

“Instead of applying the whole lash strip in one go, once you’ve trimmed them to fit the width of your eye, cut the lash into three pieces. Start at the outer corner of your eyes and place each piece of lash next to your lash line, working your way in. Not only does this make application easy, but the fit is so comfortable and conforms to the shape of your eye perfectly.”

How do I stop my make-up from caking?

“The key to making your make-up last is setting your face with powder so that it looks crease-free, flawless and poreless all day."

“The ‘baking’ process involves applying a thick coat of setting powder to areas that could crease or need brightening, like underneath your eyes and smile lines."

“Leave the powder on your skin for two to 10 minutes to set your make-up, help smooth out your complexion and prevent any eyeliner smudging. It’s perfect for big events or nights when you need your make-up to stay perfect for a long time.”

Where do I apply concealer?

“I swear by concealer, and it’s one of the most important steps in my make-up routine. Apply to your under eye area or wherever you want to conceal dark circles, spots, hyperpigmentation and any redness."

“A concealing shade will match or be very similar to your skin tone to give a more subtle look and work perfectly for any areas you want to conceal."

I swear by concealer, and it's one of the most important steps in my make-up routine.

“If you want to hide dark circles then a brightening shade, typically two or three shades paler than your skin tone, will remove traces of any late nights. It’s also perfect for defining your contour.”

How do I apply highlighter?

“Our 3D Highlighting Palette has four different products made to be used together for the ultimate glow.  The four steps are prep, set, sculpt, and flush."

“Start by applying the lightest colour as a base, before adding the actual highlighter. After that, take the deepest colour and apply it underneath your cheek bone to add dimension.  Finally, apply the rosy colour to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow.” 

Do I need to apply primer?

“If you’re wearing foundation, primer should be your first step! It’ll prep your skin for product application and help your make-up stay boujee all day long. Primers aren’t just for your face either."

“Face primer can help your make-up last longer, diminish the appearance of pores, balance redness and hydrate your skin."

“If your eyeshadow always settles in your crease, an eyeshadow primer can help keep the powder in place. Eyeshadow primers can also intensify eyeshadow pigment, so you can build it up for a more dramatic look."

“By quickly adding a lip primer, you can create a more even base and prevent the ‘cracked lips look’.”

How do I find the right foundation for me?

“Always read the label! A hydrating formula is perfect for dry skin but might not last well on oily skin. Also remember that oil-free foundations often oxidize (turn yellow or orange) on oily skin throughout the day, so always ask for a tester before you buy."

“Finding the right undertone is key to shade matching like a pro. To figure out your undertone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look green, you have a warm undertone. If they look blue, you have a cool undertone. Neutral undertones will see a combination of green and blue veins."

“If a foundation has SPF, it’ll most likely contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which can cause flashback (when your foundation gives you a white cast in photos). Set your foundation with a tinted loose powder to eliminate flashback."

“If you can’t find the perfect shade, buy a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone and one that’s slightly darker, then combine the two.”