Huda says: “We’ve been developing the Matte Power Bullet for two years. In the process, we narrowed the shades down from over 100 to a few cool and warm tones that we feel will flatter every skin tone. We wanted to develop a matte lipstick that has colour pay-off and comfort that goes above and beyond what is expected! We pushed our manufacturers to make sure that the pigmentation and quality of every shade was consistent. Every shade performed differently so each one has a slightly unique formula to ensure we deliver the same finish across the collection. The Power Bullet completely shatters the typical limitations of matte lipsticks!”

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Not Your Mama’s Pantyhose – N.Y.M.P.HHuda

Huda says: “It was really inspired by Beyoncé and the way she performs on stage. We saw her last year at Coachella and she literally owned Coachella. But those legs that she would have! She’s always wearing these amazing pantyhose and her legs just look so fierce and so amazing. They’re shiny and flawless and just like, perfect. We always said if we did a product, we wanted it to look like those legs.”

Seriously, these are like skin-perfecting pantyhose but better!

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Faux Fur & Bamboo Hoops – Feeling flashy? This perfectly peachy nude matte is brought to life with a mesmerizing, oystery gold glitter that promises that all eyes are on you!

Huda says: “The formulas are honestly so amazing and I’m so excited for everyone to try these. I was really inspired by the ‘glitterati’ when it came to developing the shades, so the shade names are super fun and playful. These shadows are so cool – amazing pigment and staying power – and the shade combinations are amazing. I can’t wait to see how creative people get with them.”

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After years of expertise in handcrafting and designing hundreds of false lashes, the Queen of Lashes has finally created her own signature lash! Hoodie #23 is ultra-dramatic, ultra-fluffy, ultra-long and ultra-voluminous for the ultimate lash lover.

Huda says: “I wanted something fluffy, sexy, alluring, powerful and empowering! And the Hoodie lash is that for me. It’s like hold on world I’m going to take over. I’m going to go run this board meeting and dominate the world. Oh, and I’m going to look beautiful while I do it!”

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Huda says: “I always struggled to find the right foundation myself, so I would always mix them to get the right shade. I have an olive complexion with a very golden undertone — there’s so much more to your skin tone than meets the eye! So I made sure to take into account the skin tone and undertone when I was creating the shades. I would hand-mix the formulas myself, make the shade elaboration, and call them back in to test. It has been a real labour of love. And that’s why I’m so pleased we’ve created a really representative 30-shade offering that will provide an immaculate match for everyone. We shade-matched hundreds of people to ensure that our final selection would be all-inclusive.”

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