From foolproof glitter lips to heatless curls and a genius eyeshadow blending technique, these are the techniques that we’ll be trying long after New Year’s Eve is over

There’s nothing more fun than a bit of make-up experimentation - particularly around party season. However, there are definitely some trends that are well, a little more high maintenance than others to recreate. 

Come the holidays, we love an excuse to deck eyes, lips and nails with suitably festive embellishments, but what we love even more is a beauty shortcut that offers up maximum results with minimum effort. Cue TikTok and its sea of ingenious creators to provide inspiration galore for fine-tuning our technique. From nail art ideas to glitter lips without the fallout, here are some of our favourite hacks for taking our party season looks to the next level. 

The TikTok glitter lips hack

So often, the eyes are the focal point of many a trending make-up look. However, TikTok has shifted the spotlight firmly to the lips, with glitter finishes providing some much-needed sparkle to our ‘For You’ pages. 

What’s more, they’re surprisingly wearable, as beautifully demonstrated by make-up artist and TikTok star @makeupwithivan. It’s the perfect bold lip update that’s ideal for the holidays, plus the look can last longer than you think - you just need the right kit...


Recreate it:

Try: M‧A‧C Lip Pencil (£16)

• Available in 18 shades

This creamy textured lip pencil hugs every curve of your lip line to provide the perfect base for the bevy of products that you’re planning to pop on top. Use it to add definition around your Cupid’s bow to keep your handiwork sharp and in bounds!

Try: No7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain (£11.95)

• Available in 4 shades

• Semi-matte

This brand new lip stain from No7 is a must-buy for anyone looking for high-impact colour that feels lightweight and comfortable. A rare find in our experience, its water-like texture will make it feel like you’ve got nothing on.

Try: NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer (£8)

• Size: 10ml

Glitter make-up can be hard to hold onto - especially on lips! However, this hardworking primer helps keep fallout to a minimum - it’s easy to see why it’s Ivan’s go-to. Its creamy texture is also a joy to apply. 

Try: NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter (£7)

• Size: 2.5g

• Available in 5 shades

These striking glitter pots take high-shine to the next level. Reflective, holographic and, let’s be honest, just so much fun! Simply dab onto lips with your ring finger, starting slowly and building it up to match how festive (or brave) you’re feeling.

Try: Sleek MakeUP Lip Volve Gloss Transforming Lip Topper (£5.99)

• Size: 3.7ml

• Available in 3 shades

Finish the look with this lightweight super glossy top coat. Its silicone applicator is great for keeping your lipstick underneath undisturbed.

The TikTok eyeshadow blending hack

We love a good eyeshadow palette, but it can sometimes be hard to know how to make the most of all the shades. It’s no surprise then that this particular hack went viral; it’s the answer to our ‘all the gear, no idea’ dilemmas. 

The technique is eye-opening (in more ways than one). Simply use a smooth and firm bristled eyeshadow brush to apply your shades from light to dark from the inner to the outer corners of your lids and blend with a fluffy blending brush for a seamless finish (make sure your brushes are clean for super crisp results). It works whether you’re using matte or shimmer shadows and across any colour range. We particularly love make-up artist @makeupbyambi’s interpretation of the trend though, using browns and golds for a warm rich look that’s perfect for offsetting the chill outside. Seriously, where’s this hack been all of our lives?


Recreate it:

Try: NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette - Warm Neutrals (£16)

• Size: 13.28g

• 16 shades

This pigment-packed eyeshadow palette packs a punch when it comes to its choice of finishes (ranging from mattes to satins, shimmers and metallics) and its array of suits-all shades. No colour will go untried. 

Try: M‧A‧C 239S Eye Shader Brush (£21)

• Synthetic bristles

This brush’s dense bristles, rounded edge and firm fibres make it ideal for building and pressing intense colour onto eyelids. 

Try: Fenty Beauty Tapered Blending Brush 210 (£20)

• Synthetic bristles

This fluffy number works a treat for blending your shades together to remove any tell-tale lines.

The TikTok heatless curls hack

The trend for heat-free curls is going nowhere. With hair health being at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, many are swapping their curlers for some surprising alternatives ranging from socks to ribbons and dressing gown ropes. With party season now upon us, we’re still feeling as resourceful as ever and seeking out these handy stylers to do the hard work for us while we sleep. And the even better news? It works on even the straightest of hair types, as TikTok star @lillianbabaian demos brilliantly in her handy video.


Her heatless curler of choice? A pair of knee-high socks! Here’s a step-by-step:

1. Divide hair into two sections

2. Use a detangling brush to get rid of any knots

3. Apply a hair oil to mid-lengths to soften dry ends

4. Divide one of your sections into two or three smaller sections 

5. Take one of your socks and place it by one of the sections. Ensure that your sock has the opening at the bottom

6. Wrap your first section around the sock for one rotation. Then take the second section and wrap it around for another rotation, followed by the third section (if you have one)

7. Continue wrapping it around the sock until you’ve twisted all of your hair

8. Secure by folding the opening of the sock over the end of the section.

Recreate it:

Try: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (£35)

• Size: 100ml

Prep is key for giving hair a glossy sheen and helping boost its manageability. This nourishing hair oil does just that. Apply sparingly to dry mid-lengths and ends before wrapping up hair in your heatless curling tool of choice. 

Try: Tangle Teezer Everyday Detangling Spray for Fine/Medium Hair (£7.99)

• Size: 150ml

• PETA certified as being animal-test free

• Vegan Society certified

If you have fine hair and find oils can be too heavy, reach for this detangling spray instead. Formulated with strengthening wheat protein, it helps reduce static and knots.

Try: Wet Brush Original Detangler Pink Hair Brush (£12)

On the subject of knots, this hair detangling brush, which can be used on both wet or dry hair, glides through strands to help you wake up with smooth, shiny curls.

The TikTok nail art hack 

Typically, nail art doesn’t lend itself well to DIY attempts. However, TikTok users have put paid to that in some pretty inventive ways. From using kirby grips for polka dots to silicone beauty blenders for perfect French tips, their creativity knows no bounds. Our favourite everyday tool? The humble toothpick, as expertly demonstrated by multi-(talon)ted creator @rosediy13. After applying two different colours to each half of her nail, she then swirls a toothpick down the middle for a look that seems like it took 30 minutes (rather than 30 seconds) to create. What’s more, you can also use it to clear up any overspill. Who knew? 


Recreate it:

Try: Essie Nail Colour 6 Ballet Slippers Nail Polish (£7.99)

• Size: 13.5ml

This soft pink pairs beautifully with bolder shades for a high contrast finish.

Try: Rouge Dior Nail Vernis in 849 Rouge Cinema (£22) 

• Size: 10ml

• Formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor

With a gel effect finish and technopolymer formula, this is one red that’s as robust as it is striking to look at. 

Try: Humble Triangular Bamboo Toothpicks (£4)

• Size: Pack of 100

• Biodegradable

• Vegan

These biodegradable bamboo toothpicks, encased inside a box and wrapper made from recycled materials, are as great for the environment as they are for teeth and nail art (that’s one sentence we never thought we’d write). 

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