It's time to glow your own way

Whether you want to be seen from outer space or create that lit-from-within look, highlighters are a must-have beauty staple for any make-up bag. But where do you apply it, which formula is best for the look you want to achieve, and is there really such a thing as too much of the sparkly stuff? Get ready to be beamed up and discover the right highlighter for you…

What are highlighters & why would I need one?

The highlighter trend is one that keeps on getting bigger, with brands bringing out different formulas (erm, did someone say jelly?) and shades that will make Martians want to set up camp on your cheek. But what’s all the fuss about, and why would you want to join the glitterati?

The little make-up marvels are often described as ‘bottled sunshine’ as they help to give your face a gorgeous glow (when applied in the right places!) and can really enhance your beautiful features. It’s no wonder so many celebrities are embracing the magical world of highlighter make-up when they hit the red carpet.

Which highlighter will suit my skin tone?

We’re all about embracing the latest trends and putting your spin on them, so if you feel like wearing a rainbow highlighter or one that looks like it’s made from pure gold then glow for it! But if you’re looking for a highlighter to complement your skin tone then always go by our rule of thumb:

For pale and medium skin tones: Champagne and peachy shades work best – think rose gold too

For dark and olive skin tones:  Bronze and gold shades are your best friends

Where should I apply highlighter?

Before you apply any highlighter always think about your surroundings – no one wants to look sweaty on those work night out pictures, when you were really going for the Kim-K glow.

If you’re going to be spending the day in soft, dim lighting then go for a more sparkly shade, as it will really pop. But if you know you’re going to be outdoors then opt for something a little more subtle, as you don’t want to be too blinding if the sun hits your face! If in doubt, always give yourself a final check in natural lighting before heading out, and even take a quick snap on your phone to see how it’s looking.

If you feel like unleashing your inner five year old and rolling around in a plate of glitter then we salute you, but there are areas you can apply highlighter which will make you look like you’ve just stepped off a plane from St Lucia…

Cheeks – Cheekbones are the most popular place to apply highlighter, as it helps to define your facial features. Always remember to apply above your cheekbones and not below.

Nose – Apply straight down the bridge of your nose to help it appear slimmer, but don’t forgot to buff out if you’ve applied too much. You can also add a little on the tip of your nose to help accentuate it.

Eyes – Pop a little shimmer in the corner of your eyes to really make them pop, or even use highlighter as eyeshadow. You can also apply to your brow bone to help define your eyebrows.

Lips – Apply a small amount of highlighter to your cupid’s bow to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Collarbone – Add highlighter to your collarbones to fully accentuate your make-up look, and give that ‘dipped in shimmer’ effect.

Now you know the glow-down on all things highlighter, here are the different types to experiment with.

Powder highlighter is great for building up your desired coverage. Simply grab a fan make-up brush, beauty sponge or use your fingers to apply wherever you want to shine the brightest. Powders are great for applying on top of your foundation, as they won’t make it streak or cake.

Looking for a super blinding look? Dampen your beauty sponge (make sure the fluid is oil-free) dab the sponge on your cheek, then immediately apply your powder highlighter.

These little bottled beauties are so versatile – you can add them to your foundation for a glowy finish, pop a drop in your moisturiser for those no-make-up make-up days, and even use a small amount as an eyeshadow base – oh glow she didn’t! Always apply using a damp beauty sponge or your (clean) fingers, as brushes will create a no-no streaky effect. Remember to gently pat on the product to evenly distribute that glow.

We like to think of these as liquid highlighter’s little sisters, as they are more lightweight in application but still pack a pretty punch. Cream highlighters come in all sorts of formats, such as compacts, sticks, thicker liquids and even palettes. If you’re a fan of out-of-this-world shine, then apply powder highlighter on top of cream to create light so blinding you’ll be handing out sunglasses to passers-by.

If you feel like living your disco ball fantasy to the fullest then this is the look for you – perfect for festivals, parties and raving like its 1999! Apply as little or as much as you like and throw the make-up rule book out of the window for this one. You could even apply cream highlighter and gently dab the glitter on with an eye make-up brush. Glow get ‘em!