Follow our handy guide on foundations & learn how to build a flawless base

With all the hundreds of foundations out there, it can be difficult to know which one to use. Team that with knowing how to apply foundation for the coverage you want and you’ve got a minefield on your hands. If foundation is a crucial part of your make-up routine – or you simply fancy giving it a go; follow our handy guide to the different types of foundation out there and discover the best foundation for your skin type.

Cream foundations can offer you high coverage, so they’re great for covering up acne, scars, uneven skin tone, dark circles and any redness you may have. They're also a good foundation for dry skin or mature skin as they can help skin to look smooth and soft. They give you a more silky coverage than liquid but can be prone to creasing. To avoid this, the key is to apply less than you would with liquid and blend well.

For a medium coverage, apply with a damp beauty blender or for full coverage apply with a foundation brush. But remember to blend.

Mousse foundation contains air which can make it lightweight and smooth on your skin but can also offer as much as a full coverage foundation. Along with a smooth texture, you’re sure to achieve a matte finish, meaning, like cream foundation, it can work best for dry, mature or sensitive skin. Again, mousse foundation can offer good coverage for acne prone skin and scars.

Mousse foundation sounds similar to cream, which it is, the only differences being the coverage they offer and the amount of blending required.

Apply mousse with fingers for a better distribution or for a more compact finish use a damp beauty blender.

Probably the most convenient of foundations and easy for on-the-go, as there’s no worry of an explosion in your bag. Convenience can be a contributing factor for having one, but that doesn’t always mean they’re right for your skin.

Some foundation sticks can cause oily skin to produce more oils, but they do offer full coverage. Don’t take this as gospel though, as there will be some foundation sticks that specifically target oily skin. So it’s important to find the one that’s right for you.

If you’re after a more natural look, then you’ll only need to apply a small amount to your skin and blend with either a beauty blender or a foundation brush. Then, finish with a powder of your choice. If you’re after the full coverage a foundation stick has to offer, then follow the same steps just apply more.

Mineral foundation is what it says on the tin, foundation that contains minerals. This means it’s a lot kinder to sensitive skin and won’t clog your pores as there’s more room left for your skin to breathe. Mineral foundation is a good option for acne prone skin and is also rosacea-friendly.

It doesn’t just come in powder form, it can come in liquid and compact form too so you’re able to pick one that works for you. Simply apply with either a compact, foundation brush or beauty blender depending on the form you’re using.

Powder foundation is definitely one to use when you’re looking for minimal coverage and a light weight feel. There are many great things about powder foundation; it can work solo or as a setting powder on top of your foundation and is handy for having with you on-the-go to apply to any oily T-zone areas throughout the day.

To apply, simply use the compact your product comes with or use any flat sponge and build as much coverage as you like.

Not to be confused with powder foundation, cushion foundation is suited best for when you want more coverage than a BB or CC cream but less coverage than a foundation. They work great in building up as much coverage as you want that day and are a quick and easy solution if you’re on-the-go or miss your many alarms in the morning. The result should give you the perfect no-make-up, make-up look.

Apply by using the compact your cushion foundation should come with and build to your desired coverage level. Tap the product in downward motions on your face for the ultimate blend.

Now that you’re a foundation of knowledge, happy blending!