In 1872, Shiseido (pronounced ‘she-say-doe’) was born in the Ginza district of Tokyo. We began as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy at the time, a testament to the innovative nature of our founder, Arinobu Fukuhara. Combining Western and Eastern philosophies in his approach, he and his family went on to create one of the largest and most renowned performance beauty brands in the world.

From our early years in Japan to our worldwide presence today, we’ve ensured that innovation and research is imbued in everything we design. It’s these pillars that allowed us to create today’s iconic heroes from Ultimune, our #1 serum*, to Benefiance and Vital Perfection, our anti ageing powerhouses.

We strive to deliver truly sensorial experiences in our skincare and make-up, no matter your skin type or age. From the luxurious aromas and comfortable textures to, most importantly, the visible results, we’re committed to pioneering the world’s most advanced products that make every user of Shiseido feel beautiful both inside and out.

Proven efficacy**:

99% said the formulation has an invisible finish.

100% felt the sunscreen maintains their skin’s moisture. (Used on the body)

99% felt that the formulation is resistant to perspiration, water and the heat of the sun. (Used on the body)

*The most popular product in Defend line of Brand SHISEIDO. To verify:

**Consumer test on 106 volunteers, on the SPF 50+ reference.

†4 hours after the application.