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Transitions lenses

Take control of your light

Enjoy hassle-free protection with Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™

Choose light intelligent lenses

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. 

Indoors, they’re as clear as a clear lens. Outdoors, when exposed to UV rays, they darken, constantly optimising the amount of light your eyes receive and helping against light sensitivity.

All Transitions® lenses offer you four key benefits:

Transitions® Signature® Gen 8™

New technology, new frontier of performance.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 are the best overall photochromic lenses*, great for everyday life.

Darkening outdoors in seconds** and returning to clear indoors faster than ever, they’re the most responsive Transitions lenses.

Seven out of 10 clear lens wearers prefer Transitions Signature GEN 8 over their current lenses.††

Available in five different colours to suit every style (grey, brown, graphite green, amethyst, and sapphire).

Frames by CAROLINE ABRAM PARIS® - lenses Transitions grey.

Transitions® XTRActive®

Transitions XTRActive have been uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and bright indoor lights.

They’re the darkest Transitions lenses outdoors, activate even behind the windscreen of a car, and keep a hint of protective tint indoors to filter bright indoor lighting. Transitions XTRActive are particularly suitable for wearers who are highly light-sensitive.

Choose between three iconic colours (grey, brown, and graphite green) and four Style Mirrors.

Frames by ic! berlin - lenses Transitions® grey.

Style Mirrors

Style Mirrors are a great addition to your frames and can add fashionable flair to your look! Style Mirrors have a light flash mirror effect indoors,and a full mirror effect outdoors. Overall, a very fashionable choice.

Available in silver, blue, gold and green.


^All Transitions lenses block 100% UV rays in line with ISO clear lens standards in all indexes

*Based on measurements performed by an external laboratory in the USA between 2015 and 2019 of photochromic performance attributes The attributes were alsoweighted by their relative importance to consumers based on 1,037 responses to a research survey conducted by SSI (Survey Sampling International) of US.

**Based on activation to 18% transmission @23°C across materials on grey lenses.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses fade back to clear up to 3 minutes faster than Transitions Signature lenses. CR607 products fade back to clear 2 minutes faster. Claim isbased on tests across materials on grey lenses, being the most popular colour, fading back to 70% transmission @ 23°C.

††Transitions Signature GEN 8 Wearers Test, Nationwide US, Kadence, Q1 2019.

Transitions, Transitions Signature and XTRActive are registered trademarks, the Transitions logo and Light Intelligent Lenses are trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc. usedunder licence by Transitions Optical Limited. GEN 8 is a trademark of Transitions Optical Limited. © 2021 Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influencedby temperature, UV exposure and lens material.